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Our Online IGCSE Maths course at Cambridge Home School is meticulously structured to foster an in-depth understanding of mathematical principles. The Maths IGCSE Online syllabus prioritises the acquisition of essential mathematical knowledge before honing the skills needed to apply this knowledge practically. The curriculum engages students in understanding patterns, relationships, and numerical intricacies, thereby building confidence. Our IGCSE Maths Online Course aims to equip students with the ability to problem-solve, interpret data, and present results effectively.

Following the CIE International GCSE Mathematics extended syllabus, our IGCSE Maths Online Course is a fully accredited, internationally recognised qualification. Core topics include Numbers, Algebra & Graphs, Geometry, Mensuration, Co-ordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Matrices & Transformations, Probability, and Statistics.

Assessments in our Online IGCSE Maths programme are twofold: official exams at the end of the Year 11 academic year (CHS Level 4) and continuous term-time assessments through in-class tests. This comprehensive approach ensures a robust understanding of mathematical concepts, thereby developing reasoning and communication skills indispensable for further studies in Mathematics and related fields such as sciences and engineering.

Homework, Assessment and Reporting

Within our Maths IGCSE Online Course, students in the Upper School are required to complete at least one piece of homework per subject every fortnight in Level 3 and weekly in Level 4. Ensuring success in our IGCSE Maths Online programme involves revising notes to consolidate learning after each lesson. It is imperative to create revision cards and summarised notes for each topic, aiding in thorough preparation for the final exams at the end of the two-year GCSE course.

Evaluations in the Online IGCSE Maths course comprise Level 3 internal assessments in June and Level 4 internal mock assessments in November and March. Detailed reports are issued at the close of the Autumn and Summer terms for Level 3 and after mock assessments for Level 4 in the Autumn and Spring terms. These reports feature grades for both attainment and effort in each subject, accompanied by written feedback from Success Coaches and the Head Teacher.

We strongly encourage parents to utilise their family Teams accounts for ongoing communication with teachers about their child’s academic progress. This collaborative approach allows for more nuanced tracking of student performance, providing a significant advantage over the insights gathered from a singular annual parent consultation evening

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The International GCSE Mathematics course here at Cambridge Home School will focus on the development of key mathematical skills that will prove useful in all aspects of life, concentrating on the application of Maths to other key life skills. The course will also provide a strong basis for further study. An understanding of numbers, patterns and relationships will be developed and key problem-solving skills emphasised. By the end of their studies, students will be able to confidently communicate and reason using mathematical concepts.

Class sizes will be small, no more than 10 students. Lessons take place on Microsoft Teams where students can see and hear each other and the teacher.  A typical lesson will consist of time spent lecturing and discussing key concepts, in which the student will be expected to take notes and engage in the discussion, alongside time spent answering questions and solving problems, both alone and working with the rest of the class. The problems will come from a variety of sources including past exam papers and textbooks.

Homework will be set weekly and should be completed promptly, online if possible, or on paper, scanned and uploaded for marking where necessary.

A scientific calculator is mandatory. Students will be expected to take notes, so lined or squared paper will be also be necessary, alongside a ruler, protractor and drawing compass. A printer and scanner will also be useful.

No textbook is mandatory as we expect the lessons to be self-contained, but the officially recommended textbook to support the course, which contains all the information and practice questions necessary to pass the exam, is:

Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics Core and Extended Coursebook, by Karen Morrison and Nick Hamshaw, published by Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 978-1108437189.

Parents are responsible for arranging their child’s examinations at their local registered examination centre. Cambridge Home School students study from every part of the globe and so it is not practical for the school to offer a single venue to sit examinations. Consequently, Cambridge Home School is not registered with Cambridge International Examinations but has partnerships with examination centres registered with Cambridge International Examinations, Edexcel, OCR and AQA, and will support students in locating a suitable venue for sitting their written examinations.

If you are intending to study A Level Maths, we recommend that you spend some time in the summer holidays preparing. Here are some suggested activities:


YouTube suggestions – Interested Videos – 10 great Maths YouTube channels

Online puzzles:

NRICH Secondary – puzzles and problems set by the University of Cambridge

NRICH Number theory problems

Activities to do on paper:

Intermediate Mathematical Challenge 2023

Senior Mathematical Challenge 2022

What does the online IGCSE Maths course cover?

The online IGCSE Maths course at Cambridge Home School is designed to build a strong foundation in mathematical knowledge, understanding, and skills. The course follows the CIE International GCSE Mathematics extended syllabus, covering topics such as Numbers, Algebra & Graphs, Geometry, and Trigonometry among others.

What skills will I gain in the online IGCSE Maths class?

The online IGCSE Maths class aims to develop skills in problem-solving, interpretation, and presentation of results. Students will be trained to recognise patterns and relationships, and to use these skills in real-world applications.

How are students assessed in the online IGCSE Maths course?

Students are formally assessed through exams at the end of the Year 11 academic year (CHS Level 4). Continuous assessments are also conducted during term time through in-class tests to monitor progress.

What are the homework expectations for Maths IGCSE online?

Students in the Maths IGCSE online course are expected to complete at least one homework assignment every fortnight in Level 3 and weekly in Level 4. It’s also vital for students to prepare revision cards and notes to be well-prepared for the final exams.

What is the structure of the Maths IGCSE online class?

The Maths IGCSE online classes have a small class size, with no more than 10 students. Lessons are conducted on Microsoft Teams, consisting of lectures, discussions, and problem-solving sessions. Homework is set weekly and can be completed online or uploaded after being done on paper.

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