Primary Prep (Key Stage 2)

Primary School Topic Learning Online


Our Topic curriculum at Cambridge Online Primary Prep School offers a comprehensive and engaging online topic programme for primary school students. Designed to pique pupils’ curiosity and wonder about the world, our online topic lessons cover an extensive range of subjects from history and geography to social studies. These lessons align seamlessly with the Key Stage 2 curriculum, making us a go-to key stage 2 topic school online.

Students delve deep into the rich tapestry of Britain’s past and explore the wider world, studying various civilisations and appreciating societal diversity. In addition to history and geography, our online topic classes for primary school students also cover key geographical terms, concepts, and art skills, which are taught explicitly during the final term of each academic year. Knowledge organisers are employed to streamline key learning objectives across the school year.

The curriculum is structured to help students understand their local area and how it compares globally. With these comprehensive online topic lessons for Key Stage 2 students, our goal is to enable pupils to make connections between various disciplines, enriching their overall educational experience.


Assessments are an integral part of our online topic programme. Teacher assessments occur continuously during LIVE TAUGHT lessons and include the marking of coursework, assignments, and summative tests to evaluate a student’s grasp on the subject matter effectively.


To reinforce classroom learning, homework is assigned at the end of each half-term. These assignments are typically in the form of a project that is linked to our current theme, adding a practical dimension to our online topic classes for primary school students.


Parents have round-the-clock access to all of their children’s work, assignments, and grades. We also hold three parent consultations per year—one each term—to discuss the child’s progress, address any concerns, and outline future learning goals.

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