Primary Prep (Key Stage 2)

Primary School Science Online


Cambridge Online Primary Prep School provides a robust science online primary school curriculum, aimed to foster a lifelong passion for the subject. With twice-weekly LIVE TAUGHT sessions, we cover the foundational disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics. Our teaching framework aligns with the Key Stage 2 curriculum, designed to broaden and deepen pupils’ scientific knowledge and understanding. We offer online science lessons for primary school students that focus on different types of scientific enquiry, equipping them to answer questions about the world around them.


Continuous teacher assessments are a vital component of our online science classes for primary school students. These assessments, aligned with our primary school science online programme, include the marking of work, assignments, and summative tests. This approach ensures comprehensive understanding and skill development, setting the stage for our Key Stage 2 science school online.


Homework is a critical part of our curriculum and is provided at the end of each half-term. Typically, this will be in the form of a science project closely aligned with our online science lessons for Key Stage 2 students. These projects are designed to consolidate learning and stimulate curiosity further.


Parents are kept well-informed with 24/7 access to all of their children’s work via our secure online portal. Additionally, the school offers three parent consultations per year—once each term—to review your child’s progress and discuss any questions or concerns.

Our science programme is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging education, preparing our students for future academic challenges in the subject.

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