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Embark on a fascinating journey into the workings of the English Legal System through our Cambridge International AS & A Level Law online course. Designed to be an engaging and comprehensive introduction, this A Level Law online syllabus equips you with a solid understanding of how laws are crafted and implemented, and introduces you to key personnel operating within the system.

The A Level Law course online offers a thorough exploration of substantive areas such as Criminal, Contract, and Tort Law, serving as an excellent primer for those considering Law as an undergraduate course. Whether you wish to combine this subject with other humanities or with more logic-based subjects like Maths or Chemistry, our online Law A Level course provides you with the flexibility and depth to complement your educational journey effectively.


Homework, Assessment and Reporting

For students enrolled in the A Level Law online course, the sixth form’s homework expectations remain consistent: at least one piece of homework per subject each week is required. The key to success lies in the consolidation of learning; revising your notes after each lesson is highly encouraged. Following the guiding principle of equal time for independent study and class instruction, students are well-positioned for academic achievement.

Assessment is structured through Level 5 internal assessments in June and Level 6 internal mock assessments in November and March. Reports, featuring grades for both attainment and effort, are issued at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms for Level 5 and after the mock assessments for Level 6 in the Autumn and Spring terms. These reports are enriched with detailed comments from our Success Coaches and the Head Teacher.

Parental Engagement

Parents have the opportunity to engage directly with their child’s educational progress through the family Teams account. This online platform allows for an ongoing dialogue with teachers, offering the unique advantage of more in-depth tracking compared to an annual parent consultation evening.

Choosing our A Level Law online course not only offers a comprehensive introduction to the English Legal System but also serves as an essential foundation for further studies and career opportunities in the legal field.

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The course studied is CAIE A Level Law (9084). In this course, students develop a critical awareness of the structure, personnel and operation of the Law. Two areas of substantive law (contract and tort) are a focus of the course. Students develop skills of analysis and problem-solving through the application of legal rules.

  1. Sources of Law
  2. Machinery of Justice
  3. Legal Personnel
  4. Formation of valid contracts
  5. Content of contracts
  6. Vitiating factors
  7. Remedies for breach
  8. Negligence and occupier’s liability
  9. Private nuisance and Rylands v. Fletcher
  10. Trespass
  11. Remedies

No specialised equipment required, other than a computer and a reliable internet connection.

It is the parents’ responsibility to arrange their child’s examinations; our teachers will provide all the support required. Most students will sit their examination papers at a school or college who accept private candidates. Some students sit their examinations at private examination centres.

You may be wondering whether or not to choose A Level Law as one of your A Levels. In order to assist your decision, there are some great resources and books to peruse.  Indeed, here are some real-world stories where law plays a pertinent role:

English Legal Systems:

Judicial review: Plan to reform scrutiny by courts revealed – BBC News


Carmarthenshire: Rally car owner faked theft of his own car in fraud – BBC News


Landmarks in law: Louisa Carlill and the fake flu cure – Studying law – The Guardian


Analysis: Why can’t we sue the police for negligence? – BBC News

These resources provide an indicative insight into areas of study; including functions of the state, pertinent offences against property, key cases in contract and issues in tort.

In addition, Hodder Education provide a magazine style supplement covering hot legal issues in an accessible format:

A-Level Law Review – Hodder Education Magazines

What does the A Level Law online course cover?

The online Law A Level course provides a comprehensive introduction to the English Legal System, focusing on how laws are made and enforced. The course specifically covers areas such as Criminal Law, Contract Law, and Tort Law.

Is the online A Level Law course suitable for students planning to pursue undergraduate Law?

Yes, the A Level Law online course serves as an excellent primer for students considering Law for their undergraduate studies. It offers a chance to explore the subject in depth before making a long-term academic commitment.

What is the homework and assessment structure in the online Law A Level course?

Students are expected to complete a minimum of one homework assignment per subject each week. Additionally, it’s advised to dedicate an hour of independent study for every hour of instruction received. Internal assessments are conducted, and performance reports are provided at specified intervals.

How can parents stay updated on their child’s progress in the Law A Level online course?

Parents can use their family Teams account to maintain an open line of communication with teachers. This facilitates more detailed tracking of the student’s progress compared to a traditional annual parent consultation.

What skills can students expect to develop through the Law A Level course?

The Law A Level course aims to develop a student’s analytical and problem-solving abilities. It teaches students how to apply legal rules and also enhances their understanding of the structure and functioning of the legal system.

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