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Cambridge Lower School Latin provides a superior platform for Latin online secondary school education, serving as a gateway to ancient cultures and a strong foundation for modern thought and learning. As a leading institution for secondary school Latin online, we focus on developing not just linguistic skills but also intellectual acumen. Our Key Stage 3 Latin curriculum is structured to deepen pupils’ understanding and expression of the world. With comprehensive online Latin lessons for secondary school students, our pupils learn to articulate their ideas in Latin, both in speech and in writing, and thereby become more astute thinkers and learners.


Our assessment framework is meticulous, consistently carried out during LIVE TAUGHT lessons by seasoned educators. This includes the marking of coursework, assignments, and the administration of summative tests. Our rigorous evaluation procedures ensure that our online Latin classes for secondary school students meet the highest standards of academic excellence.


Homework is an essential component of our educational strategy, assigned at the end of each week. These assignments are specifically crafted to enrich our online Latin lessons for Key Stage 3 students. They generally involve researching essential Latin concepts, quizzes for recapitulation, and subject-related activities to round off coursework.


Parents have 24/7 access to all crucial academic records, including coursework, grades, and teacher feedback. This transparent system allows parents to keep track of their child’s academic progression in our online Latin classes. Consultations with teachers can also be arranged at mutually convenient times to discuss academic performance, address any concerns, or celebrate achievements.

By choosing Cambridge Lower School Latin, you are investing in a rich, intellectually stimulating experience in the field of secondary school Latin online.

Lower school Latin will teach pupils how to use Latin to improve their learning of every other subject in the curriculum and beyond.

  • Learning the main links between English and Latin
  • Learning and pronouncing Latin words confidently
  • Build on an understanding of basic English grammar in order to recognise and describe the way languages work
  • Learn how to read, write and understand basic Latin sentences

Reading list/set texts to be decided.

What are the main objectives of the Online Secondary School Latin course?

The Online Secondary School Latin course aims to free students from limited perspectives by exposing them to ancient cultures. It enhances modern thinking and learning, fostering a sense of curiosity and a deeper understanding of the world. Lower school students will particularly focus on expressing their ideas both orally and in written Latin.

How is assessment conducted in the Online Secondary School Latin class?

Assessments in the Online Secondary School Latin class are ongoing. They include teacher evaluations during live-taught lessons, the marking of coursework and assignments, and summative tests to gauge student performance.

What type of homework is given in the Online Secondary School Latin course?

Homework is assigned at the end of each week in the Online Secondary School Latin course. Assignments generally consist of researching important concepts, quizzes for reviewing content, subject-related activities, and completing coursework.

How can parents monitor their children’s progress in the Online Secondary School Latin class?

Parents have 24/7 access to an online portal, which provides comprehensive information about their children’s coursework, grades, and feedback from teachers. Moreover, parents have the option to arrange consultations with teachers at times that are mutually convenient.

What key topics are covered in the Online Secondary School Latin course?

The Online Secondary School Latin course covers key topics such as learning the primary connections between English and Latin, developing proficiency in Latin pronunciation, understanding basic English grammar to learn how languages function, and learning how to read, write, and comprehend basic Latin sentences.

The Teacher

Miss Petito

Hi.  I am a native Italian speaker who is fluent in Latin. I am a highly experienced teacher of Latin at Lower school, IGCSE and A Level, with a proven track record of helping students achieve great success.  As well as Latin, I am excited to be teaching some new subjects this year – GCSE Classical Greek and A Level Classical Studies. I am passionate about languages and also about ancient culture and civilisation.  It brings me great joy to share my knowledge with young people and to see them learn to love languages too.

Miss Petito - Cambridge Home School - Latin

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