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As one of the most culturally rich cities in India, New Delhi is home to hundreds of historical monuments and tourist attractions. Often called the heart of India, New Delhi has it all.

In recent years, the city has been gaining traction for its immense academic talent. Students living in New Delhi have been performing exceptionally well on their IGCSE and A Level examinations. Their success can be attributed to the esteemed British curriculum, their own hard-work, and the commitment of their teachers.

As a British online school, we boast an impressive track record in India. In June 2021, 86% of our IGCSE students secured A*s and As in their target subjects. 83% of our A Level students secured two As and a B or higher, as requested by top universities. Moreover, all students who applied received offers from some of the best universities across the globe. How have we managed to accomplish this? Keep reading.


1.Flexible Learning

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At Cambridge Home School Online, we offer four homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19). Across each program, we use the flexible learning model to avoid overworking students.

No matter how talented and gifted a student may be, they cannot achieve their full potential if they’re pushed beyond their limits. Unfortunately, this is the case in many conventional schools in New Delhi today. Students are overworked and often bullied into improving their academic performance.

In some cases, students are made to stay back in school for longer than the expected duration. Their teachers may use verbal, emotional, or even physical violence to achieve better learning outcomes.

As an institution, we are against this approach. While we maintain academic rigorousness, we ensure that students aren’t overworked. Our MA/MSc/PhD teachers use the flexible learning model to help students maintain good mental health. Once their classes end for the day, our students have ample time to enjoy personal and social activities like hanging out with their friends, playing sports, exploring their interests and hobbies, developing new skills, and so on.

Students aren’t restricted to academic growth. Instead, we double down on academic, personal, and social growth. Students don’t return home feeling tired, overwhelmed, and fatigued. They retain high energy levels and perform exceptionally well in and after school.

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2. Better Grades

a student attending online school in New Delhi

At Cambridge Home School Online, we equip our students with the academic tools, resources, guidance, and support they need to achieve A*s and As. We have a team of MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers on board. Moreover, each student is provided access to a vast online library of educational resources, including PowerPoint presentations, previous catch-up lessons, videos, worksheets, study guides, past papers, and more.

Our education specialists have developed an independent, interdisciplinary, and well-rounded curriculum that covers greater educational breadth and depth. Compared to the national curriculum, it covers more ground.

Students are exposed to a diverse set of relevant topics and subtopics. They learn more comprehensively, which helps improve their grades. Our curriculum also equips students with a wide range of essential soft and hard skills. Students utilise these throughout their life, especially during critical stages of their academic and professional life (university applications and interviews, job interviews, etc.).

3. Complete Support and Guidance

We provide one-on-one success coaching and pastoral support to every student. We understand that academic stress, anxiety, and burnout are common among students living in New Delhi. If these issues arise among students, our qualified, experienced, and empathetic student counsellors promptly address them.


4. Safety

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As a parent, your children’s safety must be your top priority. Owing to its structure, online schooling is considered the safest mode of learning today. Students attend online classes from the safety and comfort of their own home. You don’t have to worry about your children contracting viruses or being bullied by other students.

With over 20 years of experience, Cambridge Home School Online is considered one of the most esteemed online international schools in New Delhi. Whether you’re interested in primary school online learning, online classes for secondary education, IGCSE schools online, or A Level classes, CHS Online should be your top consideration.

If you’re ready to make the switch to online schooling in New Delhi, explore the following resources:

We also provide a quality British online education to students living in Mumbai, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Agra, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Surat, and Amritsar, among other cities, towns, and villages across India.


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