Scholarships and Bursaries

The school is now full for September!

Financial support for those who need it

The school understands that it is not always easy to fund your child’s education. Children with exceptional abilities are often not served well by their current school and your child needs the unique education that only Cambridge Home School can offer.

Scholarships are discretionary awards made by the school, to any pupil that is deemed by the school, to be truly exceptional (elite world-class in what they do). Applicants should contact the school explaining why they think they qualify. Although scholarships are not means-tested, we would ask parents who can afford the school’s fees, to leave the few available scholarships to those who are in greatest need.

Applications for scholarships must be made no later than 30th November in the year preceding entry.

Bursaries are means-tested financial assistance for families who can’t afford the school’s fees. The school can offer a bursary of up to 50% off school fees for a limited number of families, that can answer YES to ALL of the following conditions:


1. Our household income is below £50,000 per annum (£35,000 for a single parent) and has been for the last 3 years AND we own property worth less than £300,000 or rent our home.
2. I/we will be able to pay the balance of school fees (less the bursary) in a single payment from savings, or I/we have a good credit score and can obtain a low-interest loan/finance to pay the school fees.
3. The pupil applying is an exceptionally high-ability pupil in maths and English  A (8/9) grade pupil OR has an exceptional talent in music, art, entrepreneurism or sports).
4. The pupil applying is hardworking, kind, generous and ambitious (has specific goals/dreams for a career).
5. The pupil applying will always study hard, hand-in coursework and homework by the due date (unless there are unforeseen/mitigating circumstances).
6. We will commit to staying at the school for at least 3 years (we do not agree with unsettling a child’s education by frequent changes of school).
7. We will support the school with its promotion and marketing (sharing your experiences of studying at Cambridge Home School on the school website, in school publications and social media)
Bursaries are not available for Primary Prep fees.


Scholarships and bursaries are limited in number and are offered at the school’s discretion. There is no entitlement to parents. Only the strongest applications will succeed in securing scholarships and bursaries. Acceptance of a scholarship or bursary will involve a contractual agreement to maintaining or improving grades/performance. If your circumstances (i.e. household income rises above £50k or £35k per annum for a single parent, or the primary reason for the award of a scholarship is no longer applicable) bursaries will be reduced/removed and scholarships terminated as appropriate.


Please email supporting evidence for ALL conditions above as part of your enhanced application – click here

The school is now full for September! 

Some places may become available so it is always worth joining the waiting list – complete the registration form and enter WAITING LIST in the voucher box.

If you need a school place urgently we advise parents to complete the enhanced application – click here.

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Annual Fees

£9,950 GBP

(approx. $1200 USD / ¥9000 CNY / 44000 AED / 91000 HKD)

Primary Prep School fees

£5,450 GBP

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