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Lower School (Key Stage 3)

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Lower School (Key Stage 3)

Ages 11-13 (Year 7, Year 8, Year 9)

Lower school is where pupils really discover their love for subjects and learn the fundamentals. Lower school is all about building the confidence and skills that will equip pupils for further study.

Ages 11-13/14 years typically. However, age is less important than academic level. There is little point in progressing pupils to higher levels before they are ready.

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Our school is nearly always full, with very few school places!

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FAQs – Lower School

Children begin to develop intellectual and emotional maturity during their teenage years. Compared to younger children, teenagers and more responsible and organised. This makes online schooling/learning an excellent option for students between the ages of 11 and 13. They don’t get easily distracted or throw tantrums in class. Students are well-behaved, mature, respectful, responsible, and alert. They absorb and retain knowledge more efficiently.

Online schools offer greater flexibility to young students. Pupils aren’t required to shuffle in and out of classes all day long. They also save time commuting to/from school. Additionally, students reap the benefits of greater safety. The risk of contracting a virus, being bullied, or facing peer pressure is reduced. All in all, online school is more flexible, safe, convenient, and student-oriented.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we use an independent Cambridge curriculum. Compared to the national curriculum, ours is more comprehensive, well-rounded, interdisciplinary, and balanced. We cover more topics and subtopics, helping students develop a level of proficiency in their subjects. Lower school students are on the cusp of sitting for their IGCSE and A Level examinations. If their institution doesn’t establish academic rigorousness, their grades may be affected at these two critical stages. We cover common curricular gaps to prepare our students for excellent performance in their IGCSEs and A Levels.

Yes. On average, our students secure between one and a half grades higher than the national average.

We have a team of MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers. Before taking teachers on board, we run comprehensive background checks and carry out a three-stage interview process. This helps us understand whether applicants possess the required experience, skills, expertise, knowledge, attitude, and commitment. Teachers are also provided extensive training once they join us. This helps them understand how to deliver engaging, retentive, interactive, and stimulating lessons. Since our school is online, our teachers must be attentive and good-humoured. We check off these boxes to offer our students the best possible online learning experience.

Yes! While we have a strong focus on academic growth, we have an equally sharp focus on extracurricular growth. Our students develop new skills, play sports, socialise with their friends, go on excursions and explorations, and discover new interests. The learning process never stops. Our students actively develop soft skills (empathy, respect, organisation, discipline, orderliness, teamwork, patience, leadership, etc.) and hard skills depending on their subjects. Skill-building helps them make the most of new opportunities, win competitions, and become multi-talented learners.  

Not easily, but it’s possible. Teenagers have a shorter attention span than young adults, especially children who have just stepped into their teenage years. If their online classes aren’t engaging, exciting, stimulating, and interactive, they can lose interest, zone out, and miss the bulk of their lesson. At CHS, we reduce the risk of student’s veering off track by planning and delivering engaging, interactive, and technologically driven classes. Our lessons are powered by cutting-edge audio and visual technology. This makes them significantly more compelling than regular online classes. We also have a team of attentive teachers on board. Our teachers provide one-on-one attention to every pupil, helping them stay on track. There’s no such thing as perfection. Of course, we’ve still had instances of students getting distracted. However, these instances have been very few and far. They have also been addressed immediately. Since we maintain a low student-teacher ratio, our teachers can promptly identify students who are losing the gist of the lesson. They emphatically and respectfully reel students back into the lesson, taking special care to not make them feel embarrassed. Our approach helps us maintain high attention and focus levels in class. Students learn and perform better.

Absolutely. At CHS, we target many countries across the UK, Europe (including Western Russia), Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. If students are traveling within our specified list of countries, they can continue with their classes. Many of our students accompany their parents on international trips during their school year. This is perfectly fine, as long as it doesn’t happen too often and the visit isn’t too long. Our students can easily continue their classes in a different place. We urge parents to select a quiet, distraction-free room and set up a normal study station. If the time difference is acceptable, students face no disruption. However, we still believe that studying in one’s hometown is the best approach. Students are familiar with their study room and develop a sense of comfort. As a result, they learn with the most ease in their own natural study setting. For most of the term (or ideally, the entirety of the term), students should attend classes from their own home.  

Instances of bullying, racism, harassment, peer pressure, abuse, and ostracisation aren’t uncommon in conventional schools. However, they’re very uncommon in online schools owing to the very structure of the classes. At CHS, we maintain a low student-teacher ratio. Our classes comprise 8–10 students, no more. As a result, our teachers can focus on each student during the entirety of the class. They’re alert, attentive, and assiduous in their approach. If a student conducts themselves inappropriately, our teachers immediately warn them. If the warning goes unnoticed, the student is removed from the online classroom. This is followed by a private meeting with the student’s parents. If we believe that the student lacks ethical and moral discipline, we may suspend or expel them. Before accepting students at our institution, we run thorough background and family checks to reduce the risk of such instances. We also meet the student and their parents to understand whether they’re suitable for our institution. This approach helps protect other students at CHS.

At CHS Online, each student is offered access to a wide online library of educational resources, including PowerPoint presentations, videos, previous catch-up lessons, activities, exercises, worksheets, and educational games, among others. As a parent, you can explore these activities with your child. Our online repository helps students cover more ground and become better learners. They also develop a deeper curiosity for their lessons. We encourage students to jot down questions after every resource they utilise. Students are then requested to present their questions in class. Our teachers provide individualised attention to every pupil. By answering their unique questions, we help build a stronger interest in learning new things.   

Yes, we have a team of committed student counsellors on board. We provide one-on-one success coaching to every student. This helps our pupils tackle common problems and stay on track. We believe that schooling-related issues like academic stress, anxiety, and burnout must never be swept under the rug. At CHS, we’re cognisant of these issues and take measures to help our students navigate such a situation, should they find themselves in one. Our counsellors are empathetic, respectful, and attentive. They carefully listen to each student’s concerned and guide them accordingly, withholding all judgment. We provide a supportive and safe environment to our students. They confidently voice their concerns without worrying about being admonished. We also maintain student privacy. Our student counselling sessions are completely confidential. Students also have the option of choosing anonymous sessions for greater safety.

Yes, we plan three student-teacher consultations per year, one in every term. We also provide parents with 24/7 access to their children’s coursework. We believe that parents should know exactly how their children are progressing in school. We maintain the utmost transparency to help parents track their children’s performance.

Yes! Our classes are fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Our students gain more knowledge and develop a better understanding of the world they live in. We ensure that each lesson packs the wow factor. This helps students maintain a high level of interest. The more excited and eager they are to learn, the more ground they cover. That’s exactly what we strive for. As our students absorb and retain more knowledge, they perform brilliantly in the classroom, on their examinations, and beyond.

Please review our admissions process and term dates. Fill out our application form to begin. At CHS, we also provide scholarships and bursaries. Moreover, parents can choose grade booster online classes for their children during the summer vacation. This is an excellent option for parents who are considering making the switch to CHS. Think of our summer program as a “trial” for online schooling. If your children enjoy their classes and achieve academic and extracurricular growth, you can enrol them in our institution. Our booster classes are open to non-CHS students as well. We look forward to reviewing your application. Thank you for trusting CHS.