Sixth Form (A Levels)

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Our A Level French online course is intricately designed for learners who aspire to excel in both the French language and its vibrant culture. This comprehensive syllabus is a stepping stone for university-level studies and future career opportunities, equipping you with the skills to communicate effectively in French across various situations. Detailed course outlines are available for a more in-depth look at what you’ll learn.

Focusing on the four key language skills—listening, reading, speaking, and writing—the A Level French course online cultivates a well-rounded understanding of the language. Whether you’re a beginner or building on your IGCSE/GCSE foundation, our progressive teaching approach ensures continuous improvement.

Additionally, the course delves into the culture and civilisation of Francophone countries, fostering an appreciation for the richness of the language and encouraging positive attitudes towards foreign language learning.

Homework, Assessment and Reporting

Students pursuing their A Level French online are expected to complete a minimum of one piece of homework per subject every week. To optimise sixth form success, students are also encouraged to revise their notes regularly to solidify their learning. As a guiding rule, for every hour of classroom instruction, an equivalent hour of independent study is recommended.

We offer structured assessments to track your academic progress. Level 5 internal assessments are conducted in June, while Level 6 internal mock assessments take place in November and March. Following these evaluations, detailed reports are issued at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms for Level 5, and after mock assessments for Level 6 in the Autumn and Spring terms. These reports include grades for both attainment and effort, along with insightful comments from Success Coaches and the Head Teacher.

Parental Engagement

We highly recommend parents to utilize their family Teams account to maintain regular communication with teachers. This unique system allows for more in-depth tracking of student progress throughout the year, surpassing what a traditional annual parent consultation evening can offer.

Our A Level French course online sets the stage for both academic and cultural enrichment, priming you for university studies and a globally connected future.

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The syllabus content is organised around five broad topic areas which provide contexts for the acquisition of vocabulary and the study of grammar and structures.

The course comprises 5 core topics designed to ensure students learn key vocabulary that is useful in everyday life contexts.

The 5 topics are:

  • Everyday activities
  • Personal and social life
  • The world around us
  • The world of work
  • The international world

To pass the course, candidates must succeed in 4 assessment areas:

  • Paper 1. Listening
  • Paper 2. Reading
  • Paper 3. Speaking
  • Paper 4. Writing

All candidates must complete 4 components:

  • Component 1: Speaking Test
  • Component 2: Reading and Writing
  • Component 3: Essay
  • Component 4: Texts

It is the parents’ responsibility to arrange their child’s examinations; our teachers will provide all the support required. Most students will sit their examination papers at a school or college who accept private candidates. Some students sit their examinations at private examination centres.

If you are intending to study A Level French after IGCSE, we recommend that you spend some time in the summer holidays preparing. You should practise your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills regularly to enhance your overall proficiency in French. Here are some suggested activities:


Film – La Haine

“Cyber-société”: C’est quoi, la 5G ?

Comment on traite les criminels

No et Moi (trailer) – full movie available on streaming services

YouTube channel – French Truly

YouTube channel – FrenchPod101

YouTube channel – Learn French with Pascal


Grammar and Translation – practise conjugating all forms of verbs in different tenses

Duolingo – a popular language learning platform with French courses at various levels

Babbel – offers interactive French lessons covering grammar, vocabulary, and more


No et Moi – available to buy here

Revision tips on La Haine

Cinéma: le septième art

La famille en voie de changement

Le patrimoine

News from France in French – 20 minutes

News from France in English – BBC News – France

News from Africa in English – BBC News – Africa

News from the US and Canada in English – BBC News – US and Canada


Revision help from The Student Room


Top French Radio Stations

French music with listening exercise – Le Temps De L’Amour

French music with listening exercise – Elle M’a Aimé

French music with listening exercise – Déjeuner En Paix

French music with listening exercise – Sur La Lune

French music with listening exercise – Je Ne T’aime Plus

French music with listening exercise – Dis-lui Oui

What can students expect to learn in the A Level French online course?

The A Level French online course is structured to equip students with proficiency in French. The teaching and learning are centred around key language skills like listening, reading, speaking, and writing. The course is especially beneficial for students planning on attending university or entering careers that require French language skills.

What additional benefits does the A Level French online course offer?

Besides language skills, the course also aims to provide students with an understanding of the culture and civilisation of French-speaking countries. This encourages a positive approach towards learning languages and interacting with speakers of foreign languages.

What is the homework and assessment criteria for online French A Level course?

Each week, sixth form students are required to complete at least one piece of homework for every subject. To enhance learning, it’s recommended that students engage in an hour of independent study for each hour of class instruction. Assessments are held in June for Level 5 and in November and March for Level 6, with reports being issued subsequently.

How can parents track their child’s progress in the A Level French online course?

Parents have the option to utilise their family Teams account to maintain an open dialogue with teachers throughout the academic year. This enables more detailed tracking of a student’s performance compared to a single, annual parent-teacher meeting.

What topics are covered in the A Level French course?

The A Level French course is divided into five core topics, which are: Everyday activities, Personal and social life, The world around us, The world of work, and The international world. These topics help in ensuring that students learn vocabulary useful in real-world contexts.

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