Join our Upcoming Open Week

Our upcoming taster sessions are designed to give you a real example of our fantastic teachers and their subject expertise and offer you the opportunity to interact in a live lesson, seeing how our school works.

We offer two types of sessions to allow you to ask questions and engage with a teacher or the School Leaders. You can attend any number of sessions! When you register your interest, you’ll be sent the full schedule with links to the meetings.

Our sessions start on the 24th of June – 28th of June –

We have limited places for this event, register soon!


Meet the Leaders Sessions where, as parents and prospective students, you can ask any questions about CHS Online, how it works, our curriculum, our school culture and extracurricular activities.

Subject Lesson Tasters represent a fantastic opportunity for your child to attend a live class with other CHS Online students where they will learn about a particular topic and get an introduction to the curriculum. For example, your child could attend our Primary Prep School Maths lessons and see how our teacher engages students from as young as 5 years old. Alternatively, they could attend a Sixth Form A-level subject session to gauge their interest and meet the teacher who will guide them.

Can’t attend any of the times below?¬†

Contact us or book a meeting with our admissions where you’ll be able to ask all of your questions and see if your child would excel at CHS Online like many hundreds of others.

Meet the Leaders Sessions

We highly recommend parents attend these sessions as this is a great opportunity to answer broader questions you might have about:

  • CHS Online in general – our students, clubs, learning environment…
  • Our approach to the English curriculum – level-based learning….
  • How to apply and much more!

CHS SLT - Prep

Meet the Primary Prep Leadership Team

Available on Thurs 27th of June @ 4.30pm (30min)

Parents have your questions answered about all things Primary Prep at CHS Online.

CHS Online SLT Senior School

Meet the Senior School Leadership Team

Available on Monday 24th of June @ 4.30pm (30min)

Parents have your questions answered about all things CHS Online for lower, upper and sixth form.

Subject Lesson Taster Sessions

As a guest student, you, along with current CHS Online students, will actively participate in a live lesson. You can ask lesson-related questions throughout and you’ll get an overview of the curriculum and subject at the end.

Our subject lesson taster sessions are available across all our school levels and subjects:

KS1 & KS2 (5-10 yrs)

Setting a strong foundation for further learning in a fun and interactive way. Designed to equip every child at all abilities and in alignment with the English KS2 curriculum.

  • English, Literacy, Maths & Science
  • Topic based learning
  • Art and Design
  • PSHE


CHS Online Prep School Taster Lessons 2024

KS3 (10-13 yrs)

Our Lower School offers more than just foundational knowledge in various subjects. It builds the confidence and skills that equip students for future academic endeavours, laying the groundwork for higher-level study.

  • English Language, English Literature, Maths & Science
  • Geography and History
  • Art and Design
  • Spanish, Latin and French
CHS Lower School Taster Time Tables 2024

IGCSES (14-16 yrs)

Students engage in study through our IGCSE online courses to successfully pass their qualifications. Known for their high standard, International GCSEs serve as stand-alone qualifications that command immense respect and also act as a gateway to A-Levels and university.

  • English, Literacy, Maths, Additional Maths & Science
  • Business Studies and Computer Science
  • Classical Greek
  • Economics
  • French, Spanish & Latin
  • Psychology & Sociology
  • Art and Design & Music

CHS Upper School Taster Timetable 2024

A-Levels (16-19 yrs)

A-Levels stand as the pinnacle of advanced-level education and are globally recognised as a gateway to higher education and career advancement. Our online A Levels are meticulously designed to empower ambitious students worldwide.

  • English, Literacy, Maths, Additional Maths & Science
  • Business Studies and Computer Science
  • Classical Studies
  • Economics & Law
  • French, Spanish & Latin
  • Psychology & Sociology
  • Art and Design, Music & Photography

CHS A level Taster Sessions 2024