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Cambridge Online Lower School English Language stands as a leading platform for English language online secondary school education. Tailored for secondary school students, our programme is committed to stimulating both the intellectual and emotional facets of language learning. Our courses are crafted to enhance students’ abilities in expressing ideas and emotions effectively, with a focus on instilling confidence and enthusiasm in the subject at the Key Stage 3 level. Our online English language lessons for secondary school students offer a well-rounded, engaging educational experience.


Our assessment process is exhaustive and is conducted in real-time during LIVE TAUGHT lessons. The educators at our key stage 3 English language school online are experienced in marking coursework, assignments, and administering summative tests. This ensures that our online English language classes for secondary school students consistently maintain the highest academic standards.


Homework is an integral part of our educational approach and is dispensed at the end of each week. The assignments are carefully designed to reinforce key language concepts and involve activities like researching key terms, quizzes for recapitulation, and the completion of coursework. These tasks work in synergy with our online English language lessons for Key Stage 3 students to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.


Parents receive 24/7 access to all pertinent academic records, including their children’s coursework, grades, and teacher feedback. This transparent reporting system enables parents to be actively involved in monitoring their child’s progress in our online English language classes for secondary school students. Consultations with teachers can be scheduled at mutually convenient times to discuss any academic concerns or milestones.

By enrolling your child in Cambridge Online Lower School English Language, you are investing in a superior and enriching experience in the realm of secondary school English language online education.

English Language is the study of the English culture in words, what it looks like and how it works. Lower school English Language is informed by the English National Curriculum Key Stage 3 Programmes of study. This ensures pupils have the expected knowledge, skills and understanding to progress to Upper school at any English school.

  1. Reading (develop an appreciation and love of reading, and read increasingly challenging material, learn to read critically )
  2. Writing (write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length for pleasure and information, plan, draft, edit and proof-read)
  3. Grammar and vocabulary (consolidate and build on knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, extending and applying the grammatical knowledge, drawing on new vocabulary and grammatical constructions from their reading and listening, and using these consciously in their writing and speech to achieve particular effects, knowing and understanding the differences between spoken and written language, using Standard English confidently in their own writing and speech)
  4. Spoken English (taught to speak confidently and effectively)

No specialised equipment required.

What are the main goals of the Online Secondary School English Language course?

The Online Secondary School English Language course aims to engage, enlighten, and equip students with the skills needed for effective communication in English. It is tailored to boost confidence and enjoyment in the subject, targeting pupils at the Key Stage 3 level.

How is the assessment done in the Online Secondary School English Language classes?

The assessment process in the Online Secondary School English Language course is continuous and takes place during live-taught lessons. Teachers mark coursework, assignments, and conduct summative tests to evaluate a student’s grasp of the subject.

What kind of homework can students expect in the Online Secondary School English Language course?

Students usually receive homework at the end of each week, which might include researching relevant concepts, quizzes for topic recapitulation, and coursework completion. These tasks are designed to reinforce learning and subject comprehension.

How can parents monitor their children’s performance in Online Secondary School English Language classes?

Parents have around-the-clock access to all coursework, grades, and teacher feedback related to their children. Additionally, parents can schedule consultations with teachers at times that suit both parties.

What are the key topics taught in the Online Secondary School English Language course?

The course covers crucial elements like reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary, and spoken English. Students learn to read critically, write effectively, build on their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, and communicate confidently in spoken English.

From Mrs Howard

I have taught English for thirty years, in a variety of schools, and intend to pursue an MA in Creative Writing soon. I am a graduate of Durham University, and passionate about Literature, History and Linguistics. These all feed really well into my teaching!

My other great passion is animals- my husband and I rescue rabbits and guinea pigs; we also have an old cat, who is our baby. Besides my animals, I love baking, and make celebration cakes for people’s birthdays and weddings. I love teaching at CHS- the students are keen and engaged, and they inspire me with their thirst for knowledge.

Cambridge Home School Online Mrs Howard

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