Online Prep, Lower School, GCSE and A Level Grade Booster Classes over the school holidays


Grades are too important to leave to chance! Good grades mean that your child can progress confidently to their chosen path in life. Top universities and employers will expect top grades.

Most children struggle with attaining top grades in some subjects and booster classes during the school holidays might be the answer.

Parents often struggle to support their child’s education during holidays while juggling work and family commitments. Let Cambridge Home School’s expert subject specialist teachers take the strain.

Confidence comes with practicing the correct techniques and children can practice during the school holidays with an expert teacher on hand to help.

Cambridge Home School offers booster classes during the school holidays for most subjects at Prep, Lower school, GCSE and A Level so why not enquire now by completing the form? The boosters are very popular and the limited number of places are filled very quickly (sometimes months before the holidays) so act now to secure your child’s grades!


‘It was the holiday booster sessions that really turned his grades around’

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