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I was truly fortunate to have discovered this brilliant school in 2019, when I was desperate to remove my daughter from the mainstream system. She had always been different in personality to my older daughter from a very young age, so I decided to try and correct any misgivings that had occurred first time round and truly listen to this one! I say I was fortunate is that I was sensible to send the registration fee and book a place for 2020 entry that very day, however as things happened that year I was able to defer to 2021. The waiting list has always been very long for this school, so I was so grateful that I was allowed this.
The reason I give you this long introduction is that, this school is truly The Best Online school in the world, not only the words of Mr. Boylan the Vice Head but my words. My child has thanks to this school become so much more confident, mature on all levels and truly her own individual. I want her to graduate from here, however even if one is exploring removing their child temporarily for any reason from the mainstream, please look no further. You must make sure and register etc for a place as soon as, class sizes are small and it is the Cambridge / Harvard etc of the home school world.

Date of experience: November 17, 2021

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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It is a unique and exceptional experience to be a part of the CHS Online community. CHS feeds my daughter’s “love and curiosity for learning”. They acknowledge her individuality and guide her to achieve her goals while following her moral compass and remaining true to her beliefs. They provide a stellar education whilst nurturing pupils to be the best possible versions of themselves. A supportive and kind community focused on enriching lives – emphasizing the importance of their core values. Small classrooms provide students with more confidence when asking questions, engaging in activities/discussions and one-on-one opportunities with passionate teachers who yearn for their pupils’ success. CHS also highlights and shares moments of pride and achievements (success stories).
My daughter has blossomed into a goal-orientated, confident, compassionate and humble individual competent in navigating through life.
A Zealous Team – An Exemplary School

Date of experience: October 31, 2022

Cambridge home school online best school in the UK

Cambridge home school online best school in the UK


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Cambridge home school online best international school on Trustpilot

Cambridge home school online best international school on Trustpilot

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