The Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in Cambridge Home School Online

Now accepting applications for September 2024 and September 25!

Due to the popularity of the school and a limited number of available school places parents are advised to register their child as soon as posssible to avoid disappointment. Please find our admissions process below.

What are the requirements for homeschooling your child?

As one of the most effective, convenient and safe ways of learning, quality online education is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many grades-focused/safety-focused families in the UK. At Cambridge Home School Online, we’re committed to delivering the highest level of education to children motivated to learn, enabling them to progress to top universities or to their preferred career path. As a school ranked in the top 4% of all British private independent schools your child has a fantastic opportunity to achieve their potential.

Cambridge Home School Online only accepts motivated students who want to learn and work hard to succeed at school. While many of our students join the school with top grades many do not, so please don’t be put off if your child’s grades are not as high as expected. The school prioritises effort grades because we know that many children struggle to secure top grades due to the failures of the education system and this isn’t their fault. The school can slot any motivated child into the appropriate academic level for them because we do not restrict students to year groups – all children are grouped by ability not age. So if your child has good effort grades, wants to study from home and really wants to get an exceptionally good British education then Cambridge Home School Online may be the perfect school for them!

Homeschooling at a top selective school like Cambridge Home School Online is a great option for parents who want more control and visibility of their child’s academic growth and personal development. Unlike conventional schools where parents are literally left outside of the school gates, at Cambridge Home School Online parents have access to all of their child’s progress data and teachers. Working in partnership with parents the school is able to attend to every child’s individual learning requirements and learning styles leading to high grades and happy children. If your child has special educational needs or disabilities please read our policy statement below.

Whether you wish to enrol your child in the Primary Prep (Key Stage 2), Lower School (Key Stage 3), Upper School (IGCSEs), or Sixth Form (AS & A Levels), you can rest assured that they’ll receive a world-class education at Cambridge Home School Online.

Our admissions process is straightforward, simple, and hassle-free. Please note that our school is always in very high demand, so we strongly recommend planning ahead and submitting your application as early as possible and well in advance of the September start date. If this is not possible you should see out late joiner policy below. Also, please note that we will only accept applications from families living in time zones conducive to attending LIVE classes – we provide a timetable for students studying from Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Continue reading for a closer look at the key processes associated with enrolling your child at Cambridge Home School Online. We’ll walk you through the registration process for the informal discussion, waiting list, application process, and late joiner policy.

Informal discussion

The school understands that some parents may wish to discuss their child’s education with a school leader in advance of making an application. To arrange a Zoom meeting with our Deputy head Mr. Boylan please click here, thank you.

Waiting List

Due to the high demand and limited available places at Cambridge Home School Online, parents are advised to join the waiting list if their child is too young at present or won’t be leaving their present school for some time. To join the school’s waiting list please complete the school’s registration form selecting the ‘add us to the waiting list’ option, thank you. Click here to register – there is no admin fee for this. We will keep you at the front of the queue and offer you first refusal so it’s a good idea!

If you want to secure your school place in advance at today’s school fees then complete the application process below. School fees at most schools typically rise by 5% annually so there are potentially significant savings to be made by paying in advance!

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Registration & Application

If you are ready to join the UK’s most established and academically successful online independent school please complete the following steps:

1. Pay the non-refundable registration fee of £200 – click here to pay

2. Complete the registration form

3. Send a personal statement written by your child together with a recent grades report – click to email

4. If we feel we can offer your child a world-class British education we will invite you for an interview online.

More information:

When school places are so limited, a thoughtful and passionate personal statement can make the difficult decision of allocating a school place easier for our Headmaster. Please explain why attending Cambridge Home School Online is so important to you and why you are a good candidate for the school to select. Additionally, we will require evidence of good effort grades in the form of an official grades transcript or recent school report. We understand that many children have grades that do not reflect their ability, perhaps due to circumastances outside of their control. We will accept applications from such children. If you are unsure about making an application then do have an informal discussion with a school leader click here.

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Late Joiner Policy

Cambridge Home School Online generally only accepts pupils to start in September. This is due to the disruption to teaching and learning caused by students joining the school late in the academic year. However, in exceptional cases, the school may be prepared to accept late joiners. In such circumstances, parents must demonstrate their commitment to the school by paying the school fees for the remaining school terms and fees for the following academic year. There is an extremely high demand for the limited school places available each year and only the most committed parents are accepted.

SEND Policy Statement

It should be noted that while the school can accept applications from students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) it is not specialist in offering this exceptional level of individual care – very few schools are unfortunately. In order for the school to do its best for all of its students (with or without SEND) all students must be able to participate in lessons without significant adjustment. If the student can speak, see, hear and engage with the lesson content without disrupting the learning of others and the teacher can see and speak to the student and can be understood by the student then applications are welcome.