About Us

Cambridge Home School is the oldest and best selective online school in the UK.

We offer our pupils the best PhD/MA/Msc qualified subject specialist teachers, the smallest class sizes, no unwanted distractions, no bullying or intimidation, state of the art technology, a full timetable of LIVE interactive online classrooms, the largest archive of video-recorded lessons of any school for easy catch-up and targeted revision, the best independent reviews, and the best parents in the world.

No other online or conventional school can boast this.

World-class education

All of these advantages mean that our pupils enjoy a world-class education and maximise their opportunities for top grades, for networking with like-minded highly motivated intelligent pupils, for progression to the world’s elite Universities including Cambridge, Oxford and the top US Universities. Top Universities mean the best career prospects and the best life possible for your child.

Unsurprisingly, given the unique opportunity and the limited school places available, Cambridge Home School is oversubscribed. However, school places do become available in time so register your child today!

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UKLRP Registration

Registered on the UK Government register of learning providers. Provider number 10033485