Lower School (Key Stage 3)

Lower Primary School Physics Online


Cambridge Lower School Physics provides an engaging and comprehensive online secondary school platform for aspiring physicists. Our online physics lessons for secondary school students are crafted to inspire curiosity and deepen understanding in the fundamental principles of physics. Tailored to meet the requirements of Key Stage 3, our online physics classes for secondary school students cover a wide range of topics to develop a strong foundation in the subject.


Within our Key Stage 3 physics school online, assessment is continuous and multi-dimensional, encompassing LIVE TAUGHT lessons, coursework, assignments, and summative tests. This robust approach ensures that students develop both theoretical understanding and practical skills, thus gaining a well-rounded education in secondary school physics online.


Homework assignments are issued at the end of each week to enhance the learning experience in our online physics lessons for Key Stage 3 students. These assignments generally include researching key concepts, completing quizzes for recapitulation, and partaking in subject-related fun activities, as well as the completion of coursework.


Parents have round-the-clock access to their children’s academic records, including coursework, grades, and teacher feedback, via our online portal. This transparency ensures that parents are fully informed and able to support their child’s educational journey. Additionally, parents are welcome to arrange consultations with teachers at mutually convenient times to discuss their child’s progress or any other academic concerns.

By enrolling in Cambridge Lower School Physics, students gain access to high-quality online physics education, designed to cultivate both passion and academic excellence in the field.

Physics is the study of the physical world, what it looks like and how it works. Lower School Physics is informed by the English National Curriculum Key Stage 3 Programme of Study. This ensures pupils have the expected knowledge, skills and understanding to progress to Upper School at any English school.

  1. Energy (calculation of fuel uses and costs in the domestic context, energy changes and transfers, changes in systems)
  2. Motion and forces (describing motion, forces, pressure in fluids, balanced forces, forces and motion)
  3. Waves (observed waves, sound waves, energy and waves, light waves)
  4. Electricity and electromagnetism (current electricity, static electricity, magnetism)
  5. Matter (physical changes, particle model, energy in matter)
  6. Space (the night sky, the solar system, the Earth, the Moon)

No specialised equipment required.

What is the focus of the Online Secondary School Physics course at Cambridge Lower School?

The Online Secondary School Physics course at Cambridge Lower School aims to ignite enthusiasm and interest in Physics. Aligned with the Key Stage 3 Programme of the English National Curriculum, the course is structured to build both confidence and enjoyment in the subject, preparing students for advanced study.

How is assessment conducted in the Online Secondary School Physics class?

Assessment in the Online Secondary School Physics class is continuous and multi-faceted. Teachers carry out evaluations during live-taught sessions, grade coursework and assignments, and administer summative tests to measure student understanding and skills.

What type of homework is assigned in the Online Secondary School Physics course?

Students are given homework at the conclusion of each week. Homework typically includes research assignments focused on essential physics concepts, quizzes for content review, engaging subject-related activities, and the completion of coursework.

How can parents monitor their child’s performance in the Online Secondary School Physics class?

Parents are granted around-the-clock access to an online portal, where they can view their children’s grades, coursework, and teacher feedback. Additionally, parents have the opportunity to schedule consultations with teachers at times that are mutually agreeable.

What are the key topics taught in the Online Secondary School Physics course?

The key subjects covered in the course include energy and its domestic applications, motion and forces, wave phenomena, electricity and electromagnetism, the properties of matter, and concepts related to space and celestial bodies.