Dr Koos

Dr Koos

Hello. I am Dr Koos and I teach Physics at Cambridge Home School Online.

Science has fascinated me since primary school, and I’m committed to transmitting my enthusiasm to others. I believe that teaching Physics is exciting since it provides the opportunity to discover and understand the wonders of the world together. I encourage students to ask “Why?”, and help them to reach the answer.

After graduating, I worked as a teacher and greatly enjoyed it. But I had the opportunity of doing my PhD in Physics and to work for as postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University on interesting nanotechnology projects. My job also involved student supervision, laboratory exercises and summer project management. During this time, I realised how much I missed teaching, therefore I returned to the role of educator. I worked with students with various backgrounds from more than 100 countries. Most students achieved outstanding exam results and many of them were accepted at prestigious universities. I also worked as an A level examiner. I hope I can show you the beauty of the Physics and contribute to your success.

Watch me explain why you should study A Level Physics at Cambridge Home School: