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Cambridge Online Lower School Chemistry offers an enriching and comprehensive platform for secondary school chemistry online. Specifically crafted for secondary school students, our programme aims to fuel enthusiasm for chemistry while laying a solid educational foundation. We focus on equipping young chemists with the essential knowledge and skills they need, especially at the Key Stage 3 level. As a leading online institution for chemistry education, we are committed to delivering a highly interactive and effective learning experience.


Assessment at our school is ongoing and is meticulously carried out during LIVE TAUGHT lessons. Our seasoned educators are responsible for marking coursework, assignments, and administering summative tests. This thorough assessment process ensures that our online chemistry classes for secondary school students meet the highest academic standards.


Homework is a crucial component of our educational framework and is assigned at the end of each week. The assignments typically encompass researching key chemical concepts, quizzes for recapitulation, and coursework completion. These tasks are specifically designed to complement and reinforce the online chemistry lessons for Key Stage 3 students, encouraging a deeper understanding of the subject.


Parents are granted 24/7 access to all pertinent academic information, including their children’s coursework, grades, and teacher feedback. This level of transparency allows parents to keep tabs on their child’s academic progress in our online chemistry classes. Consultations with teachers can be arranged at mutually convenient times, allowing parents to discuss their child’s progress or address any concerns directly.

By enrolling your child in Cambridge Online Lower School Chemistry, you are investing in a top-quality, comprehensive experience in secondary school chemistry online.

Chemistry is the study of the chemical world, what it looks like and how it works. Lower school Chemistry is informed by the English National Curriculum Key Stage 3 Programmes of study. This ensures pupils have the expected knowledge, skills and understanding to progress to Upper school at any English school.

  1. The particulate nature of matter
  2. Atoms, elements and compounds
  3. Pure and impure substances
  4. Chemical reactions
  5. Energetics
  6. The Periodic Table
  7. Materials
  8. Earth and atmosphere

No specialised equipment required.

What is the main objective of the Online Secondary School Chemistry course?

The primary aim of the Cambridge Online Lower School Chemistry course is to stimulate interest, impart knowledge, and build practical skills for young Chemists. It is specially crafted to boost both confidence and enjoyment in Chemistry, focusing on students at the Key Stage 3 level.

How is assessment carried out in the Online Secondary School Chemistry class?

Assessment in the Online Secondary School Chemistry class is a continuous process that occurs during live-taught lessons. It includes the marking of coursework, assignments, and summative tests to evaluate the student’s performance and understanding of the subject.

What types of homework are assigned in the Online Secondary School Chemistry course?

Homework is usually given at the end of each week. It may consist of tasks like researching key chemical concepts, quizzes for recapitulation of subject matter, and completion of coursework to enhance understanding and reinforce learning.

How can parents keep track of their child’s performance in the Online Secondary School Chemistry classes?

Parents can access their children’s coursework, grades, and feedback from teachers 24/7. Additionally, consultations with teachers can be arranged at times that are convenient for both the parents and the teachers.

What are some of the key topics covered in the Online Secondary School Chemistry course?

The course delves into a range of important subjects including the particulate nature of matter, atoms, elements and compounds, pure and impure substances, chemical reactions, energetics, the Periodic Table, materials, as well as Earth and atmosphere.

The Teacher

From Mr O’Connell:

My name is Mr O’Connell. I am a Cambridge graduate and Head of the Chemistry department at CHS. With a background in organic chemistry, I have many years of teaching experience specialising in GCSE and A-Level Chemistry. I also have experience working as a demonstrator and marker at other universities.

Mr O’Connell - Cambridge Home School Online - Chemistry

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