Sixth Form (A Levels)

Online Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media


Our Art, Design & Media A Level online course, along with the Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media, is tailored for creatively inclined students aspiring to carve out a niche in the realms of art and design at a university level. These comprehensive programmes not only provide students with an edge in UCAS points—up to twice as much as a top A Level—but also equip them with the specialized portfolios that universities seek. At Cambridge Home School, you have the flexibility to pursue these alongside your A Levels, offering a holistic educational experience.


Throughout the course, students undergo rigorous assessments that encompass both their coursework and their expansive portfolios of artwork and theory. Guided by our expert tutors, students are consistently provided with constructive feedback to enhance their skills. The ultimate objective is to achieve the highest grade possible while fostering artistic growth and conceptual understanding.


With our online Art, Design & Media A Level and Level 3 Foundation Diploma courses, students gain exclusive access to their very own e-studio. This digital workspace enables them to navigate through the course at their own pace, submit artworks, and avail of a rich array of resources, including video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and more. Once assignments or work units are accomplished, students can effortlessly upload images of their creations for timely assessment and feedback.


Parents enjoy round-the-clock access to a comprehensive view of their child’s coursework, grades, and teacher feedback. This enables them to stay actively involved in their child’s educational journey. Moreover, parents can schedule consultations with tutors at mutually convenient times, providing an additional layer of support and guidance.

Opt for a multidimensional educational experience in the creative arts with our online Art, Design & Media A Level and Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media courses at Cambridge Home School. Set the stage for a future filled with artistic achievements.

The course can be completed over 2 years and involves the passing of 3 key stages; Exploratory stage, Pathway stage and Confirmatory stage. The exploratory stage involves students exploring a variety of art and design disciplines. The Pathway stage allows students to specialise in one or two disciplines. The Confirmatory stage requires students to specialise in their preferred single discipline and produce a final major project.

  • Contemporary and historical cultural contexts in the field of art, design and media
  • The importance of visual language for recording and responding
  • The potential and limitations of a variety of media and processes
  • How to identify personal progression routes and present work effectively to others
  • Optional units include: Media Development, Information and Interpretation, and Combined Experimental Studies in Art, Design and Media

Drawing and painting materials, surfaces to work on, a variety of materials of differing textures, colours, forms for mixed media and sculpture (recycling box is a treasure trove), digital camera (mobile phone), computer, internet connection. At Pathway and Confirmatory stages, students may require more specialised materials/equipment depending on their chosen project work/discipline.

What does the online Art and Design A Level course offer?

The online Art and Design A Level course at Cambridge Home School is designed for students aiming for a creative career. It not only provides a high number of UCAS points but also equips students with a specialist portfolio that universities prefer.

How is the coursework and portfolio for the Art and Design A Level assessed?

The coursework and portfolio for the Art and Design A Level are continuously evaluated by specialist tutors who aim to help students reach their best possible grade. Feedback is regular, and students are guided on how to enhance their work at each step.

What online resources are available for students taking Art and Design A Level online?

Students enrolled in the online Art and Design A Level course get access to their own online studio space. Here, they can find course units, assignments, and various resources such as video tutorials and guides. Students can upload pictures of their completed artwork for assessment and receive constructive feedback.

Can parents monitor their child’s progress in the Art and Design A Level online course?

Yes, parents can check their child’s coursework, grades, and teacher feedback 24/7. Consultations with teachers can also be arranged for further insight into their child’s progress.

What is the structure of the Art and Design A Level online course?

The course spans two years and consists of three key stages: Exploratory, Pathway, and Confirmatory. The Exploratory stage introduces multiple disciplines, the Pathway stage allows specialization, and the Confirmatory stage focuses on producing a final major project in the chosen discipline.

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