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Annual Contract 

Welcome to Cambridge Home School Online 


We are very happy to enrol your child as a pupil at Cambridge Home School Online. To maintain the high standard of education you and your child deserve, we have a simple set of terms and conditions set out in this document (the “Terms”) that, together with Cambridge Home School Online’s policies referred to in these Terms (“Policies”) form the agreement between you and Cambridge Home School Online (the “Agreement”) for your child’s attendance at Cambridge Home School OnlineCambridge Home School Online will provide copies of all relevant Policies to you before you accept these Terms. If these Terms conflict with the Polices, the Polices will take precedence. Please read these Terms and the Policies carefully before accepting your child’s place to ensure that you and your child are happy with them. You can accept your child’s place by electronically signing the Agreement provided to you. 

This is a summary of the key points in the Terms. It does not replace them, so you will still need to read them carefully: 


Coolingoff period: 

You can end this Agreement by emailing enquiries@chsonline.org.uk. within 14 days of the Start Date and receive a full refund of school fees (excludes admin fees). 

Cambridge Home School Online cannot guarantee desired examination results or that taking certain courses will always enable the pupil to continue to a specific course or qualification. You and your child must research which courses and qualifications are best suited to their future aims. If your child wishes to take examinations, you must register them with an examination centre and pay any fee to them directly. 

Minimum Term: 

You are committed to payment of the fees to Cambridge Home School Online for each academic year. The Agreement will automatically renew for another academic year if you do not cancel it in accordance with these Terms but Cambridge Home School Online will give you notice before the deadline for cancellation. 


You and the pupil must comply with the Policies. If you and/or the pupil do/does not comply then Cambridge Home School Online may terminate the Agreement. If Cambridge Home School Online makes any changes to the Policies, it will notify you in writing at least 30 days in advance. If you do not wish to accept the changes to the Policies because you think they will have a negative impact on you or the pupil, you may choose to end this Agreement by emailing enquiries@chsonline.org.uk. before the changes take effect without penalty. Any fees for the period after the policy change and after your leaving the school (excluding admin fees) will be refunded by Cambridge Home School Online within 30 days of receipt of your withdrawal email. 


This Agreement is legally binding on both Cambridge Home School Online a trading name of Cambridge Online Education Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 06594953 whose registered office is at Suite 2 Pioneer House, Vision Park, Cambridge. CB24 9NL (“Cambridge Home School Online”) and the person named on this agreement (“you”) as the parent, or guardian of the child who will take up the place at Cambridge Home School Online named on the registration form (the “pupil”). Where these terms talk about a notice or document being in writing this includes email. 

You promise that any information that you provide to Cambridge Home School Online will be accurate to the best of your knowledge. 

Description of Services 

Cambridge Home School Online will provide online schooling, using reasonable care and skill, via the Cambridge Home School Online Learning Platform website at https://teams.microsoft.com (the “Website”) in the form of courses covering the curriculum leading to a formal examination and qualification in certain subjects and courses in some subjects which do not lead to a qualification (“Courses”) consisting of live online lessons, other online materials and interactive content which is accessed via the Website (the ”Services”). The Services will be of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose of providing online academic education for children attending lessons in years 3 to 13. In order to maintain standards in teaching and learning the school operates a ‘face to face teaching policy’ meaning all students must show their faces in lessons. Teaching a class without faces is like teaching with the lights off. Students can blur their camera backgrounds or replace them with fun but appropriate images to preserve family privacy. This means other students and teachers can’t see into student homes. Online schools depend on social media content produced by the school and its appointed marketing partners. This content may include images of pupils in classes and other school events. If you can’t accept this do not agree to these terms and choose another school.

Cambridge Home School Online cannot guarantee that a pupil will achieve his or her desired examination results or that any examination results will be sufficient to gain entry to other educational establishments. You and the pupil are responsible for researching which courses and qualifications are most appropriate to achieve the pupil’s personal goals, for example, progression to certain post-16 academic courses or admission to a particular university course. All results will depend on the effort the pupil makes to complete work and attend online lessons. 

The minimum technical requirements for the equipment and software needed to access the Services are set out at https://www.chsonline.org.uk/our-schools/system-requirements-for-online-homeschooling 

Cambridge Home School Online can help you find an examination centre, but you are responsible for registering the pupil with your chosen examination centre and paying any related fees. 


If you are unhappy with the Services, please refer to the Cambridge Home School Online complaints policy at https://www.chsonline.org.uk/complaints-policy


Term and Fees 

The Agreement between you and Cambridge Home School Online will start when Cambridge Home School Online provides you with login details for the pupil as all resources including video recordings of previous lessons are immediately available for consumption (the “Start Date”). Teaching dates for each 5-, 6- or 7-week period (“half term”) are as set out on the Website and will change for each 12-month period starting on 1 September and ending on 31 August (the “academic year”). 

The Agreement will renew at the start of each academic year until the end of the pupil’s current key stage unless cancelled in accordance with the paragraph headed, “Termination” below. 

Fees as are set out on the Website, or otherwise communicated to you in writing before you enter into the Agreement.  Fees are charged annually. 

Cambridge Home School Online will fix fees for the duration of the academic year unless circumstances outside of its control mean that fees need to be increased. Cambridge Home School Online will give you at least 30 days’ notice of any increase and the reasons for the increase. If you do not wish to accept an increase in fees you can give Cambridge Home School Online notice that you want to terminate this Agreement by emailing enquiries@chsonline.org.uk and termination will take effect on the day that the fee increase is due to take place. Any prepaid fees (excluding admin fees) for the remaining period of the Agreement will be refunded. 

Coolingoff period 

You may terminate this Agreement within 14 days of the Start Date and receive a refund of any sums you have paid to Cambridge Home School Online by sending an email to enquiries@chsonline.org.uk  You will lose this right to cancel if you or the pupil access the Website and use the Services from the 15th day of your start date. 


Payment of fees in full before the start date and on the due date specified on the invoice provided. 


Deposits are not accepted. 

Course selection, Timetable, and other changes 

Pupils may select their preferred courses using the registration form on the website or by any other method notified in writing by Cambridge Home School OnlineCambridge Home School Online will advise if the preferred course choices can be accommodated within timetable constraints. 

Pupils may change their course choices at any time and the responsibility for the consequences of such changes are the responsibility of parents. 

Cambridge Home School Online reserves the right to amend the timetable if this is necessary for operational reasons beyond its reasonable control and will give at least 30 days’ notice of any changes.  If the pupil is unable to continue with his or her chosen Courses due to a timetable change made by Cambridge Home School Online you will be entitled to end this Agreement and receive a refund of any prepaid fees. 


You can terminate this Agreement with effect from the end of the last day of the summer term of the academic year by providing notice on or before the last teaching day. We will remind you in writing at least 30 days before the deadline for giving notice. 

If you withdraw the pupil at any point prior to the final day of the summer term, fees will be owed up to the end of the academic year. 

If you want to terminate the Agreement you must send Cambridge Home School Online a notice via email to enquiries@chsonline.org.uk.

Either you or Cambridge Home School Online may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice if the other party (including the pupil) has not complied with its terms (including the Policies) and does not correct this within a reasonable period when the party giving notice has asked it in writing to do so. In some cases, it will not be possible to correct a failure to comply and in those cases, the Agreement will be terminated immediately on written notice. A disinclination to continue the service when Cambridge Home School Online has complied with the terms of this agreement is not grounds for termination. 

You will still have to pay any fees due for the remainder of the academic year if Cambridge Home School Online terminates this Agreement because you or the pupil have not complied with its terms (including any Policies). You will have to pay any fees due immediately. 

School Policies 

To make sure that all pupils fully benefit from the Services and to ensure the safety of all pupils you must comply with the following policies and ensure that the pupil does too: 

Safeguarding Policy/Acceptable Use Policy and other policies as introduced or amended from time to time. 

All content posted on the Website or Services by pupils must comply with the Acceptable use Policy and will be moderated on posting.  If it does not comply it will immediately be removed. 


Neither party will be liable to the other for any losses which they were not aware were a possible result of a breach of the Agreement at the time the parties entered into this Agreement. 

Data Protection 

Cambridge Home School Online will process all data which might identify you or the pupil (“personal data”) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and any legislation which replaces or amends it.  Full details of this are set out in our Privacy Policy at https://www.chsonline.org.uk/privacy-policy-online-school-homeschooling-uk. If you have any questions about how Cambridge Home School Online handles your data or wish to make any changes to the personal data held please email enquiries@chsonline.org.uk. 

Authority of Headmaster 

You authorise the Headmaster of Cambridge Home School Online, or their nominated deputy, to take such action as the headmaster may reasonably consider as being in the best interests of the pupil on a day-to-day basis. 

Force majeure 

Sometimes Cambridge Home School Online will be prevented from providing the Website or the Services because of circumstances beyond its reasonable control, for example, interruptions to internet services that are outside Cambridge Home School Online’s control or if teachers are unavailable due to widespread illness. If this happens Cambridge Home School Online will do its best to provide recordings of or reschedule any cancelled lessons or provide a reasonable alternative. If Cambridge Home School Online is unable to reschedule or replace lessons as described it will refund you proportionally for the missed lessons. 


Relevant United Kingdom law will apply to this Agreement and the relevant courts of the United Kingdom will have exclusive jurisdiction over this Agreement. 

Severance clause 

If any of the terms of this Agreement are found to be illegal the relevant term will be deleted from this Agreement and the rest of the terms will remain unchanged. 


Cambridge Home School Online may transfer its rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to a third party if the third party will be able to continue to provide the Services and the Website to the same standards as Cambridge Home School OnlineCambridge Home School Online will notify you of any transfer in advance unless it is prevented from doing so legally and if there is any significant deterioration in the quality of the Services following the transfer to a third party you will be entitled to end this Agreement and receive a refund of any prepaid fees. You may not transfer your rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to anyone else. This includes allowing anyone other than the named pupil to use the password and username to access the Website. 

Changes to the Agreement 

Cambridge Home School Online may update the Agreement (including the Policies) during the term of this Agreement. If it wishes to make any changes it will notify you in writing of the changes and provide updated versions of these Terms or the Policies at least 30 days before they are due to come into force. If you reasonably believe that the proposed changes will have a negative impact on you or the pupil you are entitled to terminate this Agreement by emailing enquiries@chsonline.org.uk and the Agreement will terminate on the date that the changes come into force. Cambridge Home School Online will refund any prepayments within 30 days of the end of the Agreement.

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