Sixth Form (A Levels)

A Level History


The Cambridge A Level History online school syllabus examines major global issues of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, covering the history of particular regions in more depth. Historical knowledge and understanding together with the skills required for historical research are emaphasised.

Cause and effect, continuity and change, similarity and difference and how to use and understand historical evidence as part of their studies are explored.

The subject is suited  to students already interested in the past. It providies a basis for further study, and also encourages lifelong interest in the subject.



Teacher assessments are continuous during LIVE TAUGHT lessons, marking of coursework and assignments and summative tests.


Homework will be given at the end of each week, usually in the form of problems to solve, researching key concepts.


Parents have 24 /7 access to all of their children’s coursework. Additionally the school holds 3 parent consultations per year – one each term.

The syllabus aims to develop:

  • an interest in the past and an appreciation of human endeavour
  • a greater knowledge and understanding of historical periods or themes
  • a greater awareness of historical concepts such as cause and effect similarity and difference, and change and continuity
  • an appreciation of the nature and diversity of historical sources available and the methods used by historians
  • an exploration of a variety of approaches to different aspects of history and different interpretations of particular historical issues
  • the ability to think independently and make informed judgements on issues
  • an empathy with people living in different places and at different times
  • a  firm foundation for further study of History

The Teacher

Mr. Alergant MA is a highly experienced teacher of History at Lower school, IGCSE and A Level. His knowledge and passion for history is always a source of excitement for his pupils. Mr. Alergant is a friendly and popular teacher who has a way of bringing historical events to life in an engaging and stimulating way. His lessons are always memorable and this helps to embed knowledge in the minds of his pupils.

Mr Alergant

How to apply

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