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Our Online GCSE Psychology course offers an engaging and insightful introduction to the world of psychology. This course is specifically designed to foster independent thinking, critical analysis, and research skills in students. Through the GCSE Psychology online syllabus, learners will delve into various psychological theories, methodologies, and case studies, equipping them with a robust understanding of human behaviour and mental processes. This GCSE Psychology online course serves as an excellent foundation for those wishing to pursue A-Level Psychology or related disciplines in the future.

Homework, Assessment and Reporting

Students in our Upper School who are enrolled in the Psychology IGCSE online course are expected to complete at least one piece of homework per subject each fortnight at Level 3 and weekly at Level 4. The cornerstone of success in the Upper School lies in the regular revision of notes to consolidate learning after each lesson. Students are strongly encouraged to create revision cards and notes for each topic as they progress through the course, ensuring they are well-prepared for their final examinations at the end of the two-year IGCSE journey.

Internal assessments for Level 3 occur in June, while Level 4 internal mock assessments are conducted in November and March. Detailed reports, comprising grades for attainment and effort, as well as individualised comments from Success Coaches and the Head Teacher, are issued at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms for Level 3 students. For those in Level 4, reports are distributed following mock assessments in the Autumn and Spring terms.

To foster a collaborative educational environment, parents are encouraged to use their family Teams account to maintain an ongoing dialogue with teachers about their child’s progress in the IGCSE Psychology online course. This communication channel provides the unique advantage of more detailed performance tracking, surpassing what is generally achievable through an annual parent consultation evening.

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The course will follow the current AQA GCSE specifications.

The course will be based on the textbooks recommended for AQA GCSE Psychology.

This specification enables learners to develop their understanding of all aspects of Psychology providing a firm basis from which to springboard into A Level and beyond.

Paper 1 – Cognition and behaviour

  • Memory
  • Perception
  • Development
  • Research methods

Paper 2 – Social context and behaviour

  • Social influence
  • Language, thought and communication
  • Brain and neuropsychology
  • Psychological problems

AQA Psychology for GCSE: Student Book (2017) by Cara Flanagan, Dave Berry, Ruth Jones, Mark Jones, & Rob Liddle.

Parents are responsible for arranging their child’s examinations at their local registered examination centre. Cambridge Home School students study from every part of the globe and so it is not practical for the school to offer a single venue to sit examinations. Consequently, Cambridge Home School is not registered with Cambridge International Examinations but has partnerships with examination centres registered with Cambridge International Examinations, Edexcel, OCR and AQA, and will support students in locating a suitable venue for sitting their written and practical examinations.

If you are intending to study A Level Psychology, we recommend that you spend some time in the summer holidays preparing. Here are some suggested activities:


A variety of interesting articles on fascinating psychological topics – Psychology Today

Use this link to buy the textbook – Cambridge A Level Psychology textbook

The home of Psychology in the UK, includes some interesting short articles – British Psychological Society


Fun and educational videos about Psychology – Crash Course Psychology

Videos by Dr. Ross Stephenson specifically for the Cambridge syllabus – Cambridge A-Levels Psychology with Ross Stephenson

Seven of the twelve key studies are explained well on this channel –  A Levels Psychology (9990)


Weekly podcast where experts discuss topics related to mental health – Evidence-Based

A range of Psychology topics discussed in short episodes – The Psych Files Podcast

What is the aim of the online IGCSE Psychology course?

The online IGCSE Psychology course focuses on introducing students to the basic principles of psychology. It aims to cultivate skills like critical analysis, independent thinking, and research.

What topics are covered in the online IGCSE Psychology class?

The class covers a range of topics separated into two main papers. Paper 1 focuses on cognition and behaviour, including memory, perception, and development. Paper 2 delves into social context and behaviour, exploring topics like social influence and neuropsychology.

What are the academic requirements for the Psychology IGCSE online?

Students in the Upper School are required to complete at least one homework assignment every fortnight in Level 3 and weekly in Level 4. Internal assessments and reports are conducted and issued at designated times throughout the academic year.

How can parents keep track of their child’s progress in the online IGCSE Psychology course?

Parents can utilise their family Teams accounts to maintain a dialogue with teachers, enabling more detailed tracking of their child’s progress throughout the year.

What are the future academic prospects after completing the Psychology IGCSE online?

The course follows the AQA GCSE specifications and provides a solid foundation for students who wish to progress to A Level Psychology and further academic pursuits.

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