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Our Online IGCSE Spanish course offers an enriching and comprehensive study of both the Spanish language and its vibrant culture. This Spanish IGCSE online programme is designed for pupils who aspire to master the language and gain deep cultural insights. The curriculum empowers students to converse and comprehend Spanish across an array of communication scenarios.

Focusing on the four core language skills—listening, reading, speaking, and writing—the IGCSE Spanish online course ensures a holistic approach to language acquisition. As students advance through the course, these competencies are progressively developed, offering them the dexterity needed in the real world.

Moreover, our IGCSE Spanish online course provides an in-depth exploration into the culture and civilisation of Spanish-speaking countries. This cultural component not only enriches the learning experience but also fosters a positive attitude towards language learning and speakers of foreign languages. This curriculum serves as an ideal stepping stone for pupils looking to continue their language studies at A Level.

Homework, Assessment and Reporting

Students enrolled in the Online IGCSE Spanish course in our Upper School are expected to complete at least one piece of homework per subject each fortnight for Level 3 and weekly for Level 4. Achieving success in the Upper School requires diligent revision of notes to reinforce learning after each session. To be adequately prepared for their final examinations at the end of the two-year GCSE courses, students are strongly advised to create revision cards and topic-specific notes as they progress through the course.

Level 3 internal assessments are conducted in June, while Level 4 internal mock assessments are scheduled for November and March. Detailed reports, featuring grades for attainment and effort, along with insightful comments from Success Coaches and the Head Teacher, are issued at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms for Level 3. For Level 4, reports are distributed following the mock assessments in the Autumn and Spring terms.

To facilitate ongoing communication about academic performance, parents are encouraged to use their family Teams account. This interactive platform offers the unique advantage of more granular tracking of student progress in the Spanish IGCSE online course, surpassing the insights typically available through an annual parent consultation evening.

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The syllabus content is organised around five broad topic areas which provide contexts for the acquisition of vocabulary and the study of grammar and structures.

The course comprises 5 core topics designed to ensure students learn key vocabulary that is useful in everyday life contexts.

Recorded lessons produced by Cambridge Home School based in Cambridge UK – probably the best online school in the UK.

The 5 topics are:

  • Everyday activities
  • Personal and social life
  • The world around us
  • The world of work
  • The international world

To pass the course, candidates must succeed in 4 assessment areas:

  • Paper 1. Listening
  • Paper 2. Reading
  • Paper 3. Speaking
  • Paper 4. Writing

Parents are responsible for arranging their child’s examinations at their local registered examination centre. Cambridge Home School students study from every part of the globe and so it is not practical for the school to offer a single venue to sit examinations. Consequently, Cambridge Home School is not registered with Cambridge International Examinations but has partnerships with examination centres registered with Cambridge International Examinations, Edexcel, OCR and AQA, and will support students in locating a suitable venue for sitting their written and practical examinations.

What does the online IGCSE Spanish course offer?

The online IGCSE Spanish course not only teaches students the Spanish language but also provides valuable insights into the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries. The course is designed to make students proficient in listening, reading, speaking, and writing in Spanish. It serves as an excellent foundation for advanced studies at A Level.

What skills will I develop in an online IGCSE Spanish class?

The class focuses on building four key language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. These skills are developed progressively as students move through the course.

What is the homework and assessment schedule for Spanish IGCSE online?

Students in the Upper School must complete at least one homework assignment per subject every fortnight for Level 3 and weekly for Level 4. Internal assessments for Level 3 are conducted in June, while Level 4 mock assessments occur in November and March. Reports summarising attainment and effort are issued at specific intervals.

How can parents keep track of their child’s performance in the online IGCSE Spanish course?

Parents are encouraged to use the family Teams account to regularly interact with teachers. This allows for a more detailed and continuous assessment of the student’s academic progress.

How are exams conducted for the online IGCSE Spanish course?

Parents must arrange for their child’s examinations at a local registered examination centre. While Cambridge Home School is not itself registered with Cambridge International Examinations, it does have partnerships with exam centres that are, and will assist students in finding a suitable location for their exams.

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