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IGCSE Art & Design


The International GCSE ART & DESIGN syllabus is designed to enable pupils to explain and understand the artistic world around them. This highly valued qualification will evidence both pupils’ understanding of key theoretical principles and practical skills.

The International GCSE Art & Design syllabus enables pupils to progress on to A level Art & Design / Foundation Diploma in Art and Design which will open opportunities to study further at university.


Teacher assessments are continuous during LIVE TAUGHT lessons, marking of coursework and assignments and summative tests.


Homework will be given at the end of each week, usually in the form of problems to solve, researching key concepts.


Parents have 24 /7 access to all of their children’s coursework. Additionally the school holds 3 parent consultations per year – one each term.

A carefully curated programme of activities designed to build student’s confidence and skills occupies students for the first academic year. These include all of the foundational essentials; line, shape, tone, form, colour, texture, working with media and materials, mixed media, 3D/sculpture. All of this is connected to the work of artists, history and culture.

Year 2 builds on this knowledge, skills and understanding and prepares students for examinations.

This course comprises 2 units/components:

Component 1: 8 hour examination where a final piece of art is produced which relates to 8 weeks of project building and examination preparation.

Component 2: 1500 -2000 word essay

Students may find locating an examination centre difficult for this examination. We recommend switching to the Ofqual 501/2278/2 course if this is the case, because the course is equivalent (same units, same level, same opportunities for progression to higher courses) and does not necessitate the writing of an essay or attendance to an examination centre as the course is examined by online portfolio submission instead (highly recommended).

Basic drawing and painting materials will suffice for the completion of this course. The recycling bin is a treasure trove of colours, textures and forms which are ideal for mixed media and 3D work.

The Teacher

Mrs. Rees is a highly experienced artist and educator with over 20 years of teaching experience at IGCSE, A Level and Foundation Diploma. Friendly and patient, she communicates requirements most effectively and in a way that is inspiring and very enjoyable to learn. Grades in her class are considerably higher than those expected in most schools.

mrs rees

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Our school is nearly always full, with very few school places!

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