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Online Level 2 Art & Design


The IGCSE Art Online Course at Cambridge Home School offers a comprehensive Level 2 ART & DESIGN qualification (OFQAL 501/2278/2), an equivalent to traditional GCSE or BTEC qualifications, but with the advantage of no exam or written essay requirements. We offer this Level 2 certificate as an Art IGCSE Online option primarily because it is substantially easier to deliver online—eliminating the need for a 10-hour in-person exam. Instead, coursework is assessed online by an exam board examiner, making it a streamlined Online IGCSE Art experience.

This IGCSE Art Online syllabus is skillfully designed to enhance pupils’ ability to interpret and understand the artistic world surrounding them. This prestigious qualification will attest to both the pupils’ theoretical knowledge and their practical skills in art. The IGCSE Art Online Course provides a smooth pathway to A-Level Art & Design or a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, thereby broadening opportunities for further university-level study.


Throughout this IGCSE Art Online Course, students’ coursework, along with their portfolio of artwork and art theory, will be regularly assessed. Our specialist tutors are committed to helping students achieve the highest grade possible. Pupils receive consistent, actionable feedback and are kept informed at each step, with clear guidance on how to enhance their work.


Students enrolled in our Online IGCSE Art programme are granted access to their own virtual studio space. Here, they can work through the course, submit pieces, and find extensive support. The online platform offers unlimited access to course units, assignments, as well as a myriad of supporting resources such as video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and other beneficial materials. Upon completion of assignments or work units, students can upload photos of their artwork to their e-studio, where they receive detailed, constructive feedback aimed at further progression.


Parents enjoy 24/7 access to all of their child’s coursework, grades, and teacher feedback through our IGCSE Art Online platform. Furthermore, parents have the flexibility to arrange consultations with teachers at mutually convenient times, ensuring they stay fully informed about their child’s academic journey.

Students receive access to their own online studio where they can work through their course. Units and assignments are listed along with supporting resources, video tutorials for skills development, step by step guides etc. Photographs of students’ completed work are uploaded to their e-portfolio for assessment and constructive, friendly written feedback on how to progress. Additionally, students are invited to discuss their progress with an experienced and qualified teacher and receive face to face verbal feedback, encouragement and support. Students may also benefit from relationships with their fellow online students as they can view profiles and comment on each others’ artwork if they wish.

LIVE classes occur weekly during term times. These fun classes are enjoyed by students, but are not required to complete the course.

This exciting course has 4 units designed to ensure you produce stimulating and rewarding art & design projects which allow you develop your knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence in developing your interests and ideas in an artistic way.

Exploratory Stage: This first part of the course takes you through a programme of developing skills in drawing, painting, mixed media (collage), digital art and 3D (sculpture).

Pathway Stage: In this second part of the course, you will be asked to make one art project within a specialist pathway, that is related to a theme which is of personal interest to you.

Previous themes have included:

  • “Overhead and Underneath”
  • “Surfaces”
  • “Precious”
  • “Through The Keyhole”
  • “My Dream World”
  • “Taken”

Pathways include Illustration (including Manga), 3D Modelling, Games Design, Textiles, Fashion, 3D (including Sculpture), Photography, Architectural Design, Digital Art, Printmaking, Fine Art, Craft, Painting.

Your artwork will be assessed against the following 4 units:

  • A/602/6142 Investigating information and developing research techniques – Mandatory Unit
  • K/602/6251 Developing and handling media and materials – Mandatory Unit
  • M/602/6252 Recognising and applying visual language and formal elements within production techniques – Mandatory Unit
  • A/602/6254 Working to set briefs – Mandatory Unit

Basic drawing and painting materials will suffice for the completion of this course. The recycling bin is a treasure trove of colours, textures and forms which are ideal for mixed media and 3D work.

What is the main feature of the online IGCSE Art & Design course?

The online IGCSE Art & Design course provided is actually a Level 2 qualification, equivalent to GCSE or BTEC, that has the benefit of no final exam or written essay. This course is less problematic to deliver online since there isn’t a 10-hour exam to attend. Instead, it relies on online assessment of coursework by examiners.

What does the online IGCSE Art & Design class cover?

The online IGCSE Art & Design class covers a syllabus that enables students to understand both key artistic theories and practical skills. The course comprises four primary units designed to enrich your art and design projects, covering areas such as drawing, painting, mixed media, digital art, and 3D art forms like sculpture.

How is assessment done in the online IGCSE Art & Design course?

Assessment for the online IGCSE Art & Design course involves evaluating students’ coursework and portfolios. This includes their art theory and art projects. Students regularly receive feedback from specialist tutors to help improve their grade, and they are kept up to date on how to enhance their work.

What are the resources available for Art & Design IGCSE online?

Students enrolled in the Art & Design IGCSE online course gain access to a dedicated online studio space. They can find course units, assignments, video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and other resourceful materials. Once assignments are completed, students upload photographs of their artwork for assessment and constructive feedback.

How do parents track the progress of their children in the online IGCSE Art & Design class?

Parents can access their children’s coursework, grades, and teacher feedback 24/7. They also have the option to arrange consultations with teachers at convenient times to discuss their child’s progress in the online IGCSE Art & Design course.

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