Informal Discussion With a School Leader

Let’s discuss your child’s education

Limited Places! Meet a school leader online via Microsoft Teams

Is Cambridge Home School Online right for my child and our family? The answer is probably YES if you can answer yes to all or most of the following questions:

  1. My child is a motivated learner and is prepared to work hard to attain good exam results
  2. My child socialises outside of school. Your child is likely to make online school friends but contact with children outside of school is necessary for proper healthy social and emotional development.
  3. My child is goal-driven
  4. As parents we are able to provide a quiet workspace, a computer with internet/camera and support the learning of our child; ensuring attendance to lessons, participation in lessons and homework completion.
  5. My child doesn’t have any individual needs that prevent them from fully partcipating in lessons and following teachers’ instructions. We can accept high functioning ASD and quiet shy students. We are not the appropriate school for those with complex learning needs or adjustment to the learning environment.

The school attracts highly motivated successful families who expect good grades and progression to well respected universities and employers. Many of our families travel the globe for elite sports competitions, for work or cultural enjoyment and we facilitate this provided all school work is completed and almost all lessons are attended – the internet means you can study from almost anywhere.

Please have your questions prepared in advance to ensure you get the most from your meeting with a school leader.

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