The Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in Cambridge Home School

Our school is full – Now accepting Applications for Sept. 2021

There are no available school places so parents are advised to register their child and join our waiting list. Parents who are wishing to join the school urgently should complete an enhanced application – see below.

Waiting List

Because very few school places are ever available at Cambridge Home School, parents can be waiting a considerable time before they are eligible for consideration by the Head teacher. This is of course acceptable should you wish to join the school in a year or two (perhaps your child is too young at present or won’t be leaving their present school for some time). To join the school’s waiting list please complete the school’s registration form adding the words WAITING LIST to the voucher box, thank you. Click here to register – there is no fee for this.

Register today

Enhanced Application

Your child has the option of submitting a personal statement to our school Head teacher Dr. Page – email attaching their personal statement.  There is a non-refundable administration fee of £299 GBP for each personal statement, payable for the submission of personal statements  – click here to pay.

When school places are so limited, a thoughtful and passionate personal statement can make the difficult decision of allocating a school place easier for our Head teacher. Please explain why attending Cambridge Home School is so important to you and why you are a good candidate for the school to select.

For information on what kind of pupil we select, please see our ideal student page below, thank you.

Our ideal student