“I Want to Send My Children to Online School. Is This the Right Decision as a Parent?” Let’s Discuss

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In 2022, online schooling has become an extremely popular mode of learning globally, especially in the UK and Europe. As a parent, you may have heard about the efficacy of online schooling. If you’ve been considering switching from conventional to online learning for your children, you’re one of the millions of parents who are deliberating the same thought.

This decision shouldn’t be made hastily or lightly. We strongly recommend doing your research, speaking with your child, and finding an institution that provides quality online education. This blog will help you decide whether online schooling is right for your child. Take notes, and feel free to ask us questions towards the end. Let’s begin.

1. Academic Growth

Every parent wants their children to achieve impressive academic success. Online schooling helps achieve this. At Cambridge Home School Online, we have a team of MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers who deliver engaging, well-structured, and retentive lessons to small groups of 8–10 pupils.

We also use an independent, interdisciplinary, and well-rounded curriculum to help students develop an academic edge. Additionally, we provide each student with access to a vast online library of educational resources (videos, presentations, study guides, worksheets, activities, etc.).

Our combinative approach to online schooling helps students secure top grades. In June 2021, 86% of our IGCSE students secured A*s and As in their target subjects. 83% of our A Level students secured two As and a B or higher, as requested by top universities. Moreover, all students who applied received offers from some of the best universities globally.

If you want your child to grow academically, switching to online learning is an easy decision. As students learn in a well-moderated, safe, and wholesome online environment, they achieve better learning outcomes. Our teachers provide one-on-one attention to each student. They also closely track each student’s learning trajectory, including their academic strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. Using this insight, our teachers plan a range of activities to help students excel.

2. Flexibility

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Online schooling offers ample flexibility to students. Unfortunately, many parents correlate this with laxness. There’s a difference between flexibility and laxness. At CHS Online, we want our students to become well-rounded learners who perform exceptionally well in different facets of their life: academics, sports, extracurricular events, etc.

While we double down on academic growth, we also focus on personal, social, moral, ethical, and athletic growth. Our teachers achieve this by ensuring that every student enjoys a healthy school-life balance. Students should never be overworked. Unfortunately, most conventional schools leave pupils feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, fatigued, and worn out by the time they return home. Students are too drained to partake in other skill-building and personality-developing activities. They get through the motions but don’t learn as well as they should.

We’d like to remind parents that the learning process isn’t just restricted to the classroom. Students also learn outside the classroom, i.e., in their home, with their friends, etc. As they meet new people, explore new places, and have new experiences, students gain many new, vital insights. This is a critical learning process that shouldn’t be interrupted. Conventional schooling affects the efficacy of afterschool learning as students don’t retain their energy levels. They also don’t get enough time as conventional schooling hours are unnecessary long.

Online schooling restores the natural school-play balance. At CHS Online, our classes are well-planned and well-structured. They don’t exceed the set duration. Moreover, our students don’t shuffle in and out of classes all day, which would leave them feeling wiped out. They receive engaging, stimulating online lessons that help them become capable, well-performing students. Flexibility goes a long, long way in helping students excel.

3. Parental Ease

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While online schooling is beneficial for students, it’s also beneficial for parents. Many parents believe that sending their children to an online school UK will leave them with little to no time during the day. This misconception stems from the understanding that online schooling requires parental involvement. This isn’t true.

At CHS Online, our students attend online classes without requiring their parents in the classroom. This isn’t just true for our older students. In fact, it’s also the case for our young students (even as young as 7 years old). As an online school with over 20 years of experience, we believe that skill-building is extremely important.

Our teachers build essential soft skills in students, including time management, respect, teamwork, punctuality, empathy, efficiency, orderliness, and organisation, among others. As a result, our students become responsible learners. Moreover, our teachers play an active role in each online class. They keep students on track, so they don’t get distracted or disrupt the class.

As a parent, you don’t have to worry about interrupting your chores or work to continually check in on your child during their online class. This is a responsibility that we have shouldered and continue to shoulder to this day. Whether you’re working, running errands, or resting, you can rest assured that your help will not be needed during school hours.

However, we recommend that parents set up young children’s online classes. Make sure their study room and desk are free from any distractions. You will play a pivotal role before the classes begin. Once they’re on track, you can resume your chores and duties without worrying about having to check in on your child again and again.

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Are you considering switching from conventional to online schooling for your children? At CHS Online, we’re trusted by thousands of parents across the globe. Explore the following links to get started:

At CHS Online, we offer four homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19). We provide a quality British online education to students living in the UK, Europe (including Western Russia), Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

If you wish to increase your chances of enrolment, please submit an early application. Since we have a limited number of places available, our school is almost always full. An early application will help your child get a head start and get closer to achieving their dream of studying at Cambridge Home School Online. If you want to learn more about our homeschooling process, please explore our previous blogs.

Thank you for trusting us! Let’s start securing a better, brighter future for your children.


Is online schooling effective for academic growth?

Yes, online schooling can be highly effective for academic growth. At Cambridge Home School Online, for instance, a team of highly qualified subject specialist teachers delivers structured and engaging lessons. This has led to a high percentage of students achieving top grades in their target subjects.

How does online schooling differ from conventional schooling in terms of flexibility?

Online schooling offers more flexibility than traditional schooling, allowing students to maintain a healthier balance between academics and other activities. Contrary to the notion that flexibility leads to laxness, online schooling at CHS Online ensures well-planned, stimulating lessons without overwhelming the students.

Do parents need to be involved during online classes?

Not necessarily. At CHS Online, students can attend classes without requiring parental supervision, even at young ages. The teachers keep the students engaged and focused, relieving parents of the need to constantly monitor their children during class.

What types of homeschooling programmes does CHS Online offer?

CHS Online offers four different homeschooling programmes catering to various age groups: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 for ages 7 to 10, Lower School/Key Stage 3 for ages 11 to 13, Upper School/IGCSEs for ages 14 to 16, and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels for ages 17 to 19.

Is it difficult to enrol due to limited availability?

Due to a limited number of spots, the school often reaches full capacity. Submitting an early application will increase your chances of securing a place for your child at Cambridge Home School Online.