How Does Online Schooling Make Children More Disciplined?

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As online schooling becomes the preferred choice for many parents across the UK, its benefits have been actively circulating the web. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are interested in exploring how online learning can help their children grow academically and non-academically. They’re also curious about the flexibility online schooling has to offer to parents.

In this blog, we’ll cover a common facet of online schooling: discipline. You may have heard that switching from conventional school to the best oxford school in UK will help your child become more disciplined. You may have also wondered whether there’s any truth to this statement.

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1. A Strong Focus on Scheduling and Consistency

Online schooling offers a lot of flexibility to students. Unlike conventional school, online school helps students absorb and retain more knowledge in a shorter time span. This is largely because of the structure of online classes.

Since the student-teacher ratio is low (8 to 10 students per group), each child receives individualised attention from their teachers. In other words, they learn more actively, attentively, and retentively. As a result, students don’t have to spend hours in the classroom; focused learning helps them reap the benefits of a flexible schedule.

This flexibility comes with a lot of responsibility, which is instilled in students from the get-go. At Cambridge Home School, our MA/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers are particularly focused on inculcating discipline and responsibility in students. Students are encouraged to follow their schedule to a tee, ensure consistency, and adopt a disciplined approach to their studies and non-academic life.

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2. Success Coaching

a student being coached by his teacher

At Cambridge Home School, our teachers frequently check in with each student. We provide one-on-one success coaching and pastoral support to ensure that each student is on track. If not, they’re provided the support and guidance they need to a) feel their best, b) perform optimally, and c) overcome common academic and non-academic hurdles with ease and adroitness moving forward. We frequently focus on discipline during these sessions.

Students can get distracted easily. We live in a world that involves active social media use, which can trigger a lack of discipline in students. With procrastination, complacency, and nonchalance on the rise, students often neglect their studies and adopt a laidback approach to life. We counter these effects by focusing on the importance of ensuring discipline in every stage of life: academic, personal, and social.

3. Skill-Building Activities

The right activities can help shape a student’s mindset. Unfortunately, many institutions select activities that simply keep students preoccupied instead of offering valuable lessons.

Our teachers structure skill-building activities that help students develop essential skills like discipline, responsibility, honesty, hard work, commitment, resilience, and teamwork, among others.

Instead of simply being told about the value of discipline, students get a chance to participate in activities that require discipline. This helps them become more disciplined in different facets of their life.

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