How to Stay Motivated as You Prepare for Your A Levels From Home

student preparing for A Levels exams home

Whether you’re new to online learning or a seasoned pro who has been attending virtual classes since childhood, preparing for your exams can be tricky. No matter how much experience you have with online schooling, you may feel intimidated by the rigorousness and weightage of your A Levels exams.

While this rite of passage may sound challenging, it’s not as hard as it’s made out to be. With the right preparation and mindset, you can secure top grades and enter your dream university.

As you prepare for your A Levels exams from home, make sure you stay motivated through and through. Consistent motivation will help you study and revise diligently. You’ll also manage to steer clear of procrastination and complacency—two common vices that can take a toll on your grades.

Use this guide to keep your motivation levels intact as you tackle your A Levels exams this year.

1. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the Academic Basket

Many students are guilty of doing this, and it’s easy to see why. A Levels exams carry an immense amount of weight. In fact, your future hinges on how well you perform in these critical exams.

Students often feel pressured into pressing “pause” on other aspects of their life and solely committing to their academic journey. In other words, they put all their eggs in the academic basket.

While this may sound like a great idea, it can backfire. If you solely focus on academics and force yourself to avoid socialising with friends, playing sports, or engaging in other healthy activities, your motivation levels will significantly drop.

Instead, create a healthy balance. Prioritise your academics, but don’t feel guilty for making some time for your friends or playing your favourite sport every now and then. These healthy breaks will help you feel your best, and give your academics your 100%.

We recommend opting for a 70/30 balance. Spend 70% of your time studying and revising, and the remaining 30% recharging and socialising. In the days leading up to your exams, opt for an 80/20 balance. However, avoid veering towards extremes.

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2. Frequently Consult Your Teachers

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Your teachers are the best resource that is available to you. Make the most of their insight, support, guidance, and expertise. If you’re struggling at any point—academically or personally—feel free to reach out to them.

Esteemed online schools stand out for their top-tier faculty. At Cambridge Home School, we have a team of MA/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers on board. They have immense experience in helping students get back on track, no matter how much they may be struggling.

Remember, help is right around the corner. If you’re feeling demotivated, discouraged, or unprepared, extend a hand to your teachers. They’ll help save your mental health, grades, and future.

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3. Switch Online Schools

If you recently completed your IGCSEs, make sure you choose the right online school for A Levels. If you feel that your online school cannot help you secure top grades, start looking elsewhere.

At Cambridge Home School, we’re committed to providing a quality British online education to motivated English-speaking students in the UK, Europe (including Western Russia), Africa, and the Middle East. Find out more about our AS & A Levels School to get started.

By covering all the bases of the A Levels syllabus, we help you prepare meticulously and comprehensively. We keep the classroom size small (8 to 10 pupils per group) to facilitate heightened engagement and interactivity. This helps our students absorb and retain knowledge better.

Start your journey to securing top grades in your A Levels exams. For more insight about a Virtual international school, browse through our online reviews and admissions process.

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How can I maintain my motivation levels while preparing for A Levels exams?

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is key to staying motivated. While academics should be a priority, it’s crucial to also make time for social activities and other interests. A recommended balance is spending 70% of your time on academics and 30% on other activities.

Is it beneficial to consult my teachers during my A Levels preparation?

Absolutely. Teachers are a valuable resource for guidance, support, and expertise. If you’re facing any academic or personal challenges, don’t hesitate to seek advice from your teachers.

How important are A Levels exams for my future?

A Levels exams are extremely critical for your future educational prospects and can significantly impact your chances of entering your dream university. These exams carry a lot of weight, so diligent preparation is crucial.

What should I do if I’m not satisfied with my current online school’s A Levels preparation?

If you believe your current online school isn’t meeting your educational needs, consider switching schools. Make sure to choose an institution that offers comprehensive coverage of the A Levels syllabus and provides ample support for students.

What distinguishes Cambridge Home School’s approach to A Levels preparation?

Cambridge Home School focuses on providing a quality British online education with a dedicated team of highly qualified teachers. The school keeps class sizes small for better student engagement and offers extensive syllabus coverage, making it easier for students to prepare effectively for their A Levels.