Attending Online School During a Pandemic: How to Put Your Mental Health First

a student attending online school

While the COVID-19 pandemic impacted millions of people’s physical health, it also took a toll on their mental health. Students across the UK struggled to cope with exam uncertainty, increasing academic pressures, and grade anxiety.

Unfortunately, these struggles are still prevalent in 2021.

To combat the uncertainty and state of flux, many students have switched from traditional school to online school. While the transition has eliminated a lot of stress and anxiety from their academic life, students are still struggling to put their mental health first.

Use this guide to prioritise your mental health as you attend online school during a pandemic.

1. Open Up to Your Teachers and Peers

Attending online school is a great way to closely interact with your teachers and peers. At Cambridge Home School, we keep the classroom size as small as possible (8 to 10 pupils per group) to ensure each student receives one-on-one attention from their teachers.

The size of the group also facilitates healthy, engaging, interactive, and stimulating discussions. As you get to know your peers, you can establish strong friendships after class.

We recommend making the most of this added benefit. Open up to your teachers and peers about your struggles. Whether you’re struggling to surmount an academic hurdle or feeling overwhelmed by exam pressure, feel free to communicate your concerns to your friends and teachers.

We’ve created a healthy, supportive, and empowering learning environment to ensure each student can confidently and unhesitatingly speak up about their struggles. If anything’s holding you back, we’re here to offer the support you need.

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2. Create a Healthy Study-Life Balance

student finalising his schedule to ensure a healthy study-life balance

Online schooling offers huge flexibility, which goes a long way in helping students put their mental health first. You can still secure top grades without sacrificing your personal life. We recommend creating a schedule that helps you strike the perfect study-life balance.

This “balance” varies from student to student. Take your time to figure out a rhythm that works well for you. Make sure you leave room for yourself. Get adequate sleep, interact with your friends, indulge in your favourite hobbies, spend time with your family, and explore new activities and adventures.

As you balance academics and your personal life, you’ll feel more content, motivated, and inspired. Make sure you retain this balance. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll manage to ace your academics and ensure a healthy personal life.

3. Eliminate Stressors and Triggers from Your Life

In many cases, students end up feeling overwhelmed because of excessive stressors and triggers in their life. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made matters worse.

Introspection can help you nip a lot of damage in the bud. Whether you’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship, dissatisfied with the subjects you’re studying, or experiencing a lot of self-doubts, start by identifying the problem(s). As you become aware of what’s holding you back, pledge to work through it instead of shoving it under the rug.

The sooner you address the issue(s), the better. If you’re unhappy with the subjects you’re studying, open up to your teachers. At Cambridge Home School, we offer an independent curriculum. If you wish to study specific subjects at depth, you can do so. You can also split subjects instead of studying them in the same year. There’s a lot of flexibility; make the most of it!

We also recommend eliminating non-academic stressors and triggers from your life. If something isn’t contributing to your personal growth, happiness, and well-being, let go of it. Instead, make more room for people, activities, and hobbies that bring out the best in you.

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