A Day In The Life Of A British Expat Online Student Studying A Levels From Overseas

A Level Student Studying

A Day In The Life Of A British Expat Online Student Studying A Levels From Overseas

While A-Level students in the UK may find that their mornings are an endless, stressful rush of waking up, showering, grabbing some lunch and rushing to catch a bus to school or college to start the day, online students studying A-Levels abroad have a much less hectic experience. In this outline of a day in the life of a British online A-Level student overseas, you’ll see the benefits of this way of learning.

The Morning Routine

A-Level students attending a mainstream UK college or school have a lot to go through before they even arrive at the classroom. When they arrive, large class sizes, distractions and a relentless daily routine often leaves young people feeling drained, unfocused and struggling to achieve highly.

For those taking A-Levels abroad at an online school, however, mornings are considerably smoother. With no need to leave home, students can simply log onto their computer a few minutes before their first lesson is due to begin, check any announcements and review their timetable ready to begin the day.

How Lessons Work

When an A-Level class is due to begin, the student enters their online classroom to be welcomed by their teacher. All of the teachers at Cambridge Home School Online are extremely highly qualified and experienced specialists in their subject, ensuring that students receive the highest quality teaching available. The teacher can be seen by all of the students in their virtual class and can interact in real-time with them.

Students, too, can interact with each other and with their teacher, asking and answering questions and participating in collaborative projects and discussions. With outstanding interactive resources available, students can access the learning materials easily and conveniently, while the lessons are all recorded allowing students to watch them repeatedly afterwards for revision purposes or to catch up with anything they missed.

Completing Homework

Once classes are finished for the day, students can access any homework set by their teachers online and complete it, uploading it so that their teacher can mark it, comment on it and provide personalised feedback to help the student improve.

After Lessons

Once the learning has finished for the day, the student will be free to pursue their own interests, whether sports, hobbies, or socialising. Since there is no need to return home on a bus or get a lift, they can get straight on with enjoying themselves and widening their opportunities both socially and academically.

Finding The Best Distance Learning A Levels

Cambridge Home School Online is proud to offer outstanding teaching at A-Level for students overseas. As a well-respected and long-established educational institution, we are the first choice of many parents who are keen for their children to obtain British qualifications no matter where in the world they are located.

Contact us today to learn more about how our International A Levels program can help your son or daughter to achieve academic excellence and obtain internationally recognised qualifications that will help them to gain a place at the world’s top universities.