Involving Your Homeschooled Kids In Sports Activities

Involving Your Homeschooled Kids In Sports Activities

When choosing an online school for your children, there are many factors to consider. The right online school can be difficult to find, but once you do, everything gets easier after that, right? Not quite, even though you have found the best online school for your child, there are still many other factors to consider to ensure they receive a well-rounded education. What makes a well-rounded education? Experts believe that by adding extracurricular activities to your child’s schedule, you will be giving them the best opportunity to succeed both in school and in life.

Experts also agree that physical activity is just as important as mental stimulation and that is why they recommend adding sports activities to your child’s weekly schedule. Some online schools offer sports activities, but not all of them do which leaves many parents having to find these on their own. How do you go about finding sports activities for your child? We are going to show you! Let’s take a look:

Finding Sports Activities For Your Online Schooled Child:

School Sports- local schools will often accept homeschooled children into their athletic programmes as long as the online school they attend is a fully accredited school and that the child is considered a full time student.

Homeschool Teams- some independent online secondary schools do offer sports programmes for their students to participate in. Sometimes, they will play within their district against other homeschool teams or against traditional school teams.

Community Leagues- there are many community sporting leagues that offer sports programmes for secondary school children and many homeschooled children take advantage of these to provide both physical activity and social interaction.

Private Groups And Lessons- you could also look for private groups or lessons in your area which could offer your child the physical activity they need in a specific sport that they are interested in. While more costly than the other options, many of which have a small registration fee, private lessons provide better one on one interaction. Some examples of private lesson sports activities include tennis, gymnastics, equestrian and cycling.

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FAQ Section

What should be considered for a well-rounded education in an online school?

For a well-rounded education in an online school, it is important to include extracurricular activities, particularly sports, in your child’s schedule. This provides a balanced approach to education, nurturing both mental and physical development.

How important is physical activity in online education?

Physical activity is deemed as crucial as mental stimulation. Many experts recommend incorporating sports activities into your child’s weekly schedule to ensure they grow both mentally and physically.

What options are available for adding sports to an online school curriculum?

There are multiple avenues to explore for including sports in an online school curriculum:

  • Local schools might allow homeschooled children in their athletic programmes.
  • Some online schools provide sports programmes where they compete against other teams.
  • Community leagues offer sports programmes that are often used by homeschooled children.
  • Private lessons are also an option, albeit a more costly one.

Are private sports lessons worth considering?

Yes, while private sports lessons can be more expensive, they offer the advantage of one-on-one interaction and specialized training in sports like tennis, gymnastics, equestrian activities, and cycling.

How can I learn more about including sports in a homeschooling curriculum?

To understand more about the importance of sports in a home school curriculum, and how an online secondary school can provide a comprehensive education, you can contact Cambridge Home School.