How To Maintain Your Child’s Social Life When Homeschooling

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How To Maintain Your Child’s Social Life When Homeschooling

More parents than ever before are choosing to homeschool their children. However, despite the many benefits that come with taking your youngsters out of the traditional education system, this way of teaching can present some issues.

One of the biggest problems that can face parents is how to maintain their child’s social life when they’re no longer in a standard classroom environment. Parents are always keen to ensure their child can make friends, be socially accepted, and interact well with others.

So, how can you achieve this goal if your child isn’t following the traditional educational path? Here are a few ways in which you can get started with this valuable element of your child’s learning and development.

Joining In Group Activities

One way in which you can foster excellent social skills in your child is by joining group activities. Drama clubs, music groups and sports teams are all good extracurricular activities that can help youngsters to broaden their wider skills, while also ensuring they have the opportunity to mix with their peers and form friendships.

Using Social Networks

If you’re teaching your child at home, one way to supplement your youngster’s interactions is to use the power of social networking platforms. Social networks are an excellent way of finding other families near you who are also homeschooling their children.

Reaching out to these families can raise opportunities to meet up for educational and social events so that your child can socialise with other young people from different backgrounds.

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Social side of online schooling

Registering With A British Online School

One option that many parents don’t realise exists is registering their child with a UK online school. Online schools represent an excellent alternative to traditional educational establishments thanks to the structure, quality of teaching, and impressive curriculum that they provide.

Essentially, online schooling offers a similar school day to a standard school, but with smaller class sizes, a more flexible way of learning, and extremely qualified teachers. For parents who want the benefits of homeschooling for their child but who feel a little out of their depth when it comes to planning and delivering appropriate lessons, an online school in the UK could be the ideal solution. This also ensures daily social interaction.

As an added advantage, since online schools in the UK have a shorter school day than standard primaries and secondaries, there is even more time for extracurricular activities.


For both older and younger children, volunteering in the community can represent an excellent way to socially interact with others of all ages. Whether assisting at a food bank, working on a community farm, or volunteering at an animal shelter, these charitable activities can not only help with the vital social skills of communication and teamwork but also ensure that they develop a strong sense of community-mind responsibility.

Helping Your Child With Their Social Development

Whether your child is in Key Stage Two or studying for their A-Levels, ensuring they have the social skills they need to excel and achieve success in life is paramount. Cambridge Home School is one of the best online schools in the UK, offering an outstanding standard of education for children aged between 8 and 18 years, both academically and in terms of social development.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of our approach to online schooling in the UK, get in touch today.


How can I ensure my homeschooled child has a healthy social life?

You can facilitate social interactions for your child by enrolling them in group activities such as drama clubs, sports teams, or music groups. These extracurricular activities not only help in skill development but also provide opportunities for your child to make friends and socialise.

Are there online resources to help my homeschooled child socialise?

Yes, social networking platforms can be a valuable resource. They allow you to connect with other homeschooling families in your area, providing opportunities for your child to meet and interact with peers during educational and social events.

What options do UK online schools offer for social interactions?

UK online schools like Cambridge Home School offer structured school days similar to traditional schools but with smaller class sizes. This ensures that your child has daily opportunities for social interaction, while also benefiting from a more personalised educational experience.

Can extracurricular activities be part of my child’s homeschooling experience?

Absolutely. In fact, UK online schools often have shorter school days compared to traditional schools, giving your child more time to engage in extracurricular activities that can enhance their social skills and overall development.

How can community involvement help my homeschooled child?

Volunteering in the community offers an excellent avenue for social interaction for homeschooled children. This not only helps in building social skills like communication and teamwork but also instills a sense of community responsibility.