School life

Cambridge Home School is a vibrant and social school where students safely connect, socialise, collaborate, network and interact – inside and outside of lessons


The Student Council

The student council is where students discuss the issues that matter to them. Through the school council students can affect real change for the better. The school council at Cambridge home school is very vibrant and active. Students from across the school lobby the council leaders to ensure their issues are discussed at the regular council meetings. Elections are held every year to select student council leaders.

Extra-curricular clubs

Cambridge home school offers a wide range of extra-curricular clubs reflecting the spectrum of student interests and passions. Students can attend clubs for those with an interest in Chess, fitness, wellbeing, yoga, baking, art, mathematics, astronomy, origami, languages, coding, photography, debating, drama, creative writing and much more. Students can create and lead their own clubs if a club doesn’t exist.

The Oxbridge Russell Group club

Many students join Cambridge home school because they are driven to attend one of the world’s great universities. The Oxbridge Russell Group club is run by the school’s Oxbridge teachers with the aim of preparing Cambridge home school students for successful interviews and admission to elite universities.

It’s not all hard work though and much fun is had. Networks that will last a lifetime are fostered here.

Homework club

Homework is very important and it must be completed to a high standard. That said, some students prefer to complete it with a study buddy. Have fun discussing homework, gain a different perspective, get ideas, review lessons together.


Competition is at the heart of life at Cambridge home school. Students from Prep to Sixth form throw themselves into the many competitions the school promotes. There’s something for everybody whether you’re into art and design, music, the sciences, mathematics, the humanities, sports or computing. Students at Cambridge home school are encouraged by their teachers and the school leaders to enter as many competitions as they can – not least the main event – the School House champions competition!

Other notable competitions are those for academic excellence and top grades, Head boy, Head girl, Head of the school council, Prefect selection. Many students compete for national and international competitions both inside and outside of school. The school boasts both national and international student champions in a variety of sports and academic competition.



The Cambridge Collective

The Cambridge Collective is a school magazine produced for the students by the students. The magazine features the content and issues that are important to them. The magazine reflects and communicates the diversity, cultures, interests and passions of the student body. The school’s talented journalists, writers, designers, editors, media enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy the whole challenge and excitement of putting their publication out. Wotking alongside like-minded but often very different personalities helps students hone skills of co-operation, tact, team work, organisation, leadership, motivation and galvanisation. Such skills and freindships cultivated at Cambridge home school will likely last a lifetime.

Fundraising for school charities

Cambridge home school is a community of caring people. The community understands that it is privileged and that it is important to help those less fortunate. The school council reviews charity spending, and democratically distributes its funds to charities it wants to support. Funds are raised via the school shop, coffee mornings, exhibitions, competitions, appeals etc. Students are encouraged and eager to raise funds independently for their charities and they devise ingenious and creative approaches to raising money. The school contributes funds to students less fortunate through its bursary and scholarships.

Cambridge Home School student Bow Burnham raises funds for Ukraine

Cambridge Home School student Bow Burnham raises funds for Ukraine

School get-togethers and trips

Cambridge home school’s students live in every part of the globe so in-person gatheirngs can be a challenge. That said, there is nothing to stop students locating their nearest neighbours and planning get-togethers with parents. The school is happy to facilitate this by posting meet up requests and letting students know of opportunities – all completely optional of course!

Students can of course meet up with their school friends online between classes at break times and after school if they wish.Not to mention the aforementioned myriad extra-curricular clubs.

World-class education

All of these advantages mean that our pupils enjoy a world-class education and maximise their opportunities for top grades, for networking with like-minded highly motivated intelligent pupils, for progression to the world’s elite Universities including Cambridge, Oxford and the top US Universities. Top Universities mean the best career prospects and the best life possible for your child.

Unsurprisingly, given the unique opportunity and the limited school places available, Cambridge Home School is oversubscribed. However, school places do become available in time so register your child today!

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