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Upper School (IGCSEs)

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International GCSE qualifications

Ages 14 – 16 (Year 10, Year 11)

Upper school comprises CHS Level 3 and CHS Level 4 (Years 10 and 11 in other schools). During these two critical years, students study and pass their International GCSE qualifications. International GCSEs are highly respected, stand-alone qualifications and are a passport for progression to A Levels and ultimately to University.

Upper school students can choose the subjects they wish to study but should bear in mind that A Levels require a top grade in the same subject at International GCSE. So if you need to study Biology, Maths and Psychology at A Level because that is what you need to enter University, then you need to study these same three subjects at International GCSE level too. Students can only study A Levels in subjects they have already studied and attained a B grade in at International GCSE level.

Also, students can choose the number of International GCSEs they wish to study. However, students should not choose too few subjects because they may require an A Level to enter University and if they haven’t studied it at International GCSE level then they won’t be able to study the subject at A Level. Students change their mind about what they want to study at University all the time and so the broadest selection of International GCSEs affords the greatest scope for future directions.

Cambridge Home School students typically attain between a half and one whole grade higher than their peers in most other schools at International GCSE. This is because Cambridge Home School students have many advantages including; superior qualified teachers (MA/PhD), small class sizes, interactive classrooms free of distractions and bullying, the largest archive of video-recorded lessons to accelerate revision, learning and catch-up, minute by minute reporting available to parents for monitoring performance and grades and unrivalled accessibility to teachers.

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