Sixth Form (A Levels)

Online Level 3 Photography


For those looking to blend academic rigour with artistic expression, our Level 3 Photography course offers an ideal platform. This online A Level Photography course is tailored for students who wish to complement their sixth form studies with a creative subject, or for aspiring photographers targeting a university course in the field. Available at Cambridge Home School, the Level 3 Foundation Diploma specialising in Photography equates to two A Levels in terms of potential UCAS points.

Our A Level Photography online course is designed to be entirely flexible, allowing for 100% online completion. There is no need for an examination centre; instead, student portfolios are submitted directly to the examination board for final assessment, making this a convenient and accessible A Level Photography course online.

Homework, Assessment and Reporting

In the sixth form, students undertaking our online Photography A Level are expected to complete at least one piece of homework per subject each week. To ensure success, it is advisable to revise notes and consolidate learning after each lesson. Guided by the principle that an hour of independent study should complement every hour of in-class instruction, our course structure aims to reinforce and deepen your artistic skills and knowledge.

Assessment frameworks are comprehensive and designed to be as practical as the subject itself. Level 5 internal assessments occur in June, while Level 6 internal mock assessments are scheduled for November and March. These reports, issued at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms for Level 5 and after the mock assessments for Level 6, include grades for attainment and effort in each subject, complemented by written feedback from Success Coaches and the Head Teacher.

Parental Engagement

We encourage parents to utilise their family Teams account to maintain ongoing dialogue with teachers regarding their child’s progress throughout the academic year. This enables more detailed tracking and assessment of each student’s development, offering a unique advantage over traditional annual parent consultation evenings.

With our A Level Photography online course, you can develop your skills, build an impressive portfolio, and set the focus for your future in the world of photography.

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Students will develop a range of practical skills with regard to identifying key features and functionality of the camera, appropriate accessories for a particular genre of photographic application, working to a project brief and professional presentation of your portfolio.

The course can be completed over 2 years and involves the passing of 8 units over 3 stages.

You will need to complete an exploratory stage where art and design skills are developed.

Following the exploratory stage, you will complete pathway and confirmatory stages towards the development of a specialised photographic portfolio which will comprise a significant constituent of a university application.

You will develop a range of practical skills with regard to identifying key features and functionality of the camera, appropriate accessories for a particular genre of photographic application, working to project briefs and professional presentation of your portfolio.

Your teacher will also help you identify progression opportunities as they will get to know you and your work very well.

Computer, broadband internet connection, digital SLR camera or even mobile phone camera on latest mobile phones.

What is the objective of the A Level Photography online course?

The online Photography A Level course is aimed at students who want to integrate a creative subject into their sixth form studies, as well as those looking to pursue photography at the university level. The course provides an opportunity to earn UCAS points equivalent to two A Levels.

How is homework assigned and assessed in the Photography A Level online course?

Students are required to complete a minimum of one homework assignment per subject weekly. The course encourages students to revise their notes and conduct an hour of independent study for each hour of teaching to ensure their success.

What is the assessment process for the online Photography A Level course?

The course has Level 5 internal assessments in June and Level 6 internal mock assessments in November and March. Reports are issued periodically and include grades for effort and attainment, accompanied by written feedback from instructors and the Head Teacher.

How can parents stay updated on their child’s progress in the Photography A Level course?

Parents can keep abreast of their child’s academic progress through a family Teams account, allowing for ongoing communication with the teachers and more thorough tracking than an annual consultation evening provides.

What are the main focus areas of the Photography A Level online course?

The course is spread across 2 years and involves passing 8 units over 3 stages. These units aim to develop a wide range of practical skills, such as understanding camera functionality, selecting appropriate accessories, working on project briefs, and presenting a professional portfolio.

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