Why A British Online Education Is The Perfect Fit For Many Military Families

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Why A British Online Education Is The Perfect Fit For Many Military Families

There is a strong British military presence all over the world, and military families are located equally far afield. The nature of military service means that families with children may relocate several times in several years and this can be extremely disruptive for young people, especially for those who are entering secondary education and who are preparing to sit major examinations.

While military deployment poses numerous challenges for parents, it also presents several problems for children themselves, not least the need to try to fit in at several schools in a short space of time and the need to adapt to different education systems and styles of teaching. It comes as no surprise, then, that more military families worldwide are choosing a British education online for their children, whether they be in Key Stage 2 or studying for their A-Levels.

So, how does online schooling work for children of military parents? Read on to learn more.

Seamless Transitions Between Deployments

When a child is enrolled at an online school like Cambridge Home School Online, they can seamlessly transition academically between deployments. While their home environment, friends and country may change, they can enjoy the stability of a familiar teacher, classmates and teaching styles. Thanks to the flexibility that online schooling offers, children can continue their course of study no matter where they are in the world.

This can help to reduce stress levels while enabling children to achieve their best without any educational upheaval. It is well-known that moving between schools, education systems and classes can have a detrimental effect on a child’s mental well-being as well as their academic achievement, and this is why an online school is the ideal alternative education provision.

Elimination Of Distractions And Bullying

Unfortunately, many children of military families find it difficult to concentrate in class due to frequent moves between schools and adjustments of teaching styles. When they are placed in a large class of students of all abilities, the distractions can be even more considerable. Such children are more likely to become the victim of bullies and are more likely to suffer from poor achievement.

This is because teachers lack the resources to spend enough one-to-one time with them to pinpoint gaps in their learning and to offer them the personalised approach to education that they need to catch up.

Online schooling eliminates this problem. Class sizes are small and bullying isn’t an issue due to the remote nature of learning. This means that children can easily fit into their learning environment no matter where they are in the world and can benefit from plenty of one-on-one support from their teacher who will be extremely highly qualified and very experienced.

Obtaining Recognised British Qualifications

For military families overseas, their children need to obtain internationally recognised British qualifications that will help them to gain access to the future of their choice. With online schooling, this becomes possible. Students can study for iGCSEs and International A-Levels which are recognised all over the world by all top higher education institutions.

Choosing An Online School

If your child is struggling to cope with your military deployments and the changes that they bring, enrolment at an online school like Cambridge Home School Online is the ideal solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your son or daughter to excel academically while improving their mental well-being.


Why is online schooling beneficial for children of military families?

Online schooling is highly advantageous for military families because it provides academic stability despite frequent relocations. It helps children continue their studies seamlessly and maintain a level of consistency in their educational experience.

What problems does online schooling solve for children of military families?

Online education reduces stress and educational disruption for children in military families. It eliminates challenges like adapting to multiple schools, diverse educational systems, and variations in teaching styles.

How does online schooling ensure emotional well-being and academic performance?

Online schooling can significantly improve a child’s mental well-being by providing a stable educational environment. It minimizes distractions and bullying, often seen in larger classroom settings, thus aiding in better academic performance and emotional well-being.

Can children of military families obtain internationally recognised qualifications through online schooling?

Yes, online schools like Cambridge Home School Online enable students to pursue internationally recognised British qualifications such as iGCSEs and International A-Levels, facilitating their entrance into higher education institutions globally.

How do online schools adapt to the specific needs of children in military families?

Online schools offer flexible learning environments with small class sizes. They provide plenty of one-on-one support from highly qualified teachers, making it easier for children to adapt, especially when they have to move frequently due to military deployments.