Reasons Your Child Should Learn A Foreign Language

Reasons Your Child Should Learn A Foreign Language

Many children here in the UK already speak more than one language. For some, this additional language is taught in school, and for others, it might have been learned in the home at a young age. Either way, being able to speak more than one language has many benefits that most parents don’t even realise.

If your child says that they want to learn another language, encourage it. Learning a second, third, even fourth language can prepare your child for a successful future and open up a world of possibilities.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons it is important for your child to learn a foreign language:

They Can Speak To More People- learning a foreign language means that your child can communicate with people all over the world. By learning Mandarin and Hindi, as well as their native English, your child could speak to half of the world’s population!

It Can Help Their Brains Develop- learning a foreign language has been shown to increase brain activity in children and can help them become better at multi-tasking and attention focusing.

It Can Increase Test Scores- learning a foreign language can effectively increase your child’s test scores in their core subjects.

They Will Become More Proficient In Their Native Language- learning a second language enables children to become much more proficient in their native language. This is because they will have a better understanding of the way languages are created and used.

It Increases Empathy- children who learn a foreign language are often more empathetic to other cultures because the understand their lifestyles and history.

It Is A Lot Of Fun- sometimes a foreign language might have some fun words that we are not accustomed to in our own culture and that can make communication a lot more fun. Learning a foreign language makes it possible for children to speak to others in their native language which can be a lot of fun.

It Increases Career Opportunities- people who speak more than one language have more career opportunities than those who only speak one language. Their salaries are often higher as well.

It Can Increase Problem Solving Skills And Out Of The Box Thinking- learning a foreign language gives children better problem solving skills as well as out of the box thinking which can help them look at the world differently.

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FAQ Section

Why should my child learn a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language can open up a plethora of opportunities for your child, preparing them for a successful future. It enables them to communicate with a more diverse range of people and enhances cognitive abilities such as multitasking and focus.

How does learning a foreign language affect my child’s academic performance?

Learning an additional language has been proven to improve a child’s performance in core subjects, often resulting in higher test scores.

Will learning a second language impact my child’s proficiency in their native language?

Yes, acquiring a second language can actually enhance your child’s proficiency in their native language. This occurs because learning a new language improves their overall understanding of language structure and usage.

Can learning a foreign language increase my child’s career opportunities?

Absolutely. Individuals who are multilingual have a wider range of career options and often earn higher salaries compared to those who speak only one language.

Does learning a foreign language have any social benefits for my child?

Certainly. Children who learn a foreign language tend to be more empathetic towards other cultures as they gain a better understanding of different lifestyles and histories.