Online British Education in The United States

Online British Education in The United States

As the demand for quality education rises, many parents in the United States are turning to alternative options to provide their children with the best possible learning opportunities. Among these alternatives, Cambridge Home School Online (CHS) has emerged as a preferred choice for many families. This article explores why students in the USA are choosing CHS over local schools and delves into the benefits of a UK-based online education.

PISA Rankings: A Comparative Analysis

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) offers a comparative scale of student attainment across the globe. The 2012 results reveal significant insights into the performance of students from the UK and the US:

Subject UK Ranking UK Points US Ranking US Points
Mathematics 26th 494 36th 481
Science 20th 514 28th 497
Reading 23rd 499 24th 498

The UK outperforms the US in all three key areas of mathematics, science, and reading. This academic edge is one of the reasons why the British curriculum, as offered by CHS, is appealing to American families seeking superior educational outcomes.

Curriculum Differences: UK vs. US

The British curriculum stands out for its breadth and depth, offering a distinct educational approach compared to the US system. Here are some key differences:

  • Focus and Variety: The US curriculum often has a national focus, heavily relying on textbooks. In contrast, the British curriculum uses a variety of sources and authentic texts, providing a more holistic and engaging learning experience.
  • Specialisation and Flexibility:
    • Degree Duration: UK undergraduate programmes typically take three years, whereas US programmes commonly extend to four years.
    • Specialisation: UK students specialise in their chosen subjects earlier, whereas the US system emphasises general education before specialisation.
    • Flexibility: US programmes offer more flexibility with elective courses, allowing students to explore various subjects. The UK system, however, has a more focused approach with fewer electives.
  • Assessment and Grading:
    • The UK places a significant emphasis on final exams.
    • The US employs continuous assessment methods, including assignments and exams throughout the term.
  • Master’s Programmes: UK master’s programmes typically last one year, compared to the often two-year duration in the US.

Tuition Fees: A Financial Comparison

A significant consideration for many families is the cost of education. Here is a comparison of tuition fees between the UK and the US:

Type of Institution US Fees (annually) UK Fees (annually)
Public Universities (In-State) $10,000 – $30,000 N/A
Public Universities (Out-of-State) Significantly higher than In-State N/A
Private Universities $30,000 – $60,000 N/A
UK Undergraduate Degrees N/A £10,000 – £35,000
UK Postgraduate Degrees N/A £10,000 – £50,000

UK tuition fees are generally lower than those in the US, adopting a tiered fee system that makes higher education more accessible for international students. Additionally, UK courses are shorter and more intensive, allowing students to graduate sooner without compromising on the quality of education.

Academic Rigor: A-Levels/GCSE vs. US High School Exams

One of the most notable distinctions between the UK and US education systems is the level of academic rigor:

  • A-Levels/GCSE: In the UK, A-Levels/GCSE/IGCSE are known for their difficulty and specialisation. Students typically take a wide range of subjects up to the age of 15 before specialising in a few subjects for A-Levels/GCSE.
  • US High School Exams: While US high school exams cover a broad range of topics, including social sciences, humanities, and the arts, they do not demand the same level of depth as A-Levels/GCSE.

This specialisation in the UK allows students to develop a deeper understanding of their chosen subjects, preparing them more thoroughly for higher education.

Cultural and Educational Benefits

Beyond academics, there are several cultural and educational benefits to choosing a UK-based education:

  • Shorter Course Duration: UK courses are typically shorter and more intensive, enabling students to complete their education faster.
  • Lower Living Costs: In addition to lower tuition fees, the cost of living in the UK can be more affordable compared to the US.
  • Cultural Heritage: The UK boasts a rich cultural heritage, providing students with a broader world view and an appreciation for history and tradition.
  • Master’s Programmes: UK universities offer a wide range of high-quality master’s programmes that can be completed in just one year, making them an attractive option for further education.

Why Choose Cambridge Home School Online?

Cambridge Home School Online stands out for several reasons, attracting students from the USA and beyond:

  • Expert Faculty: CHS employs a team of MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers who bring their expertise and passion to the virtual classroom.
  • Small Class Sizes: With class sizes ranging from 8 to 10 pupils, CHS ensures personalised attention and support for each student.
  • Individualised Support: One-on-one success coaching and pastoral support are integral parts of the CHS experience, helping students to thrive academically and personally.
  • Advanced Learning Resources: CHS provides a vast online library of educational resources, including videos, presentations, study guides, past papers, activities, and worksheets.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilising advanced and secure online learning software systems, CHS offers an interactive and engaging learning environment.
  • Scholarships and Bursaries: CHS offers scholarships and bursaries to exceptional students in need of financial support, ensuring that a high-quality education is accessible to all.


The decision to choose an online British education, such as that offered by Cambridge Home School Online, is increasingly popular among families in the United States. With its focus on academic excellence, personalised support, and cultural enrichment, CHS provides an unparalleled educational experience. The benefits of the UK curriculum, including its rigorous A-Levels/GCSE/IGCSE and shorter, more intensive courses, combined with lower tuition fees and living costs, make it a compelling alternative to traditional US education. For families seeking the best for their children, CHS represents a pathway to academic success and global opportunities.


Why are American families choosing Cambridge Home School Online (CHS) over local schools?

American families are opting for Cambridge Home School Online (CHS) because it offers a superior educational experience based on the UK curriculum. The UK consistently outperforms the US in international assessments like PISA, particularly in mathematics, science, and reading. CHS’s comprehensive approach and academic excellence appeal to parents seeking the best for their children.

How does the British curriculum differ from the American curriculum?

The British curriculum focuses on a broader range of sources and authentic texts, providing a more holistic and engaging educational experience. Unlike the US system, which often relies heavily on textbooks, the UK curriculum encourages the use of varied materials. Additionally, UK students specialise in their chosen subjects earlier and have a more focused approach, while US students experience a more general education with greater flexibility for electives.

What are the financial benefits of choosing a UK-based education over a US education?

UK tuition fees are generally lower than those in the US. Public universities in the US can range from $10,000 to $60,000 annually, depending on whether they are in-state or out-of-state. In comparison, UK undergraduate fees for international students range from £10,000 to £35,000, and postgraduate fees range from £10,000 to £50,000. Additionally, UK courses are shorter and more intensive, allowing students to graduate sooner and save on living costs.

Are UK A-Levels more challenging than US high school exams?

Yes, UK A-Levels are considered more challenging due to their specialisation and depth. UK students typically study a wide range of subjects until age 15 before focusing on a few subjects for A-Levels. This allows for a deeper understanding and preparation for higher education. In contrast, US high school exams cover a broader range of topics but do not require the same level of specialisation and depth.

What additional benefits does Cambridge Home School Online offer?

Cambridge Home School Online provides several unique benefits, including small class sizes (8 to 10 pupils per group) for personalised attention, expert faculty with advanced degrees, individualised support and coaching, and access to a vast online library of educational resources. Additionally, CHS utilises advanced and secure online learning software systems, and offers scholarships and bursaries to exceptional students in need of financial assistance.