Is E-Learning Effective in the UK?

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Conventional schooling has been the norm for centuries. In 2022, however, the learning landscape has changed drastically.

Today, e-learning is rapidly gaining traction across the globe, especially in the UK. Also known as online schooling, online learning, and online homeschooling, e-learning allows students to learn from the safety and comfort of their homes.

While the e-learning model offers many benefits on paper, is it just as effective in practice? Let’s find out. Keep reading for a better understanding of the efficacy of e-learning in the UK.

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1. Quality of Education

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When discussing the benefits of e-learning, parents and students mostly talk about its flexibility—and rightfully so. Online schooling offers significant flexibility, more so than conventional schools. We’ll touch upon this later.

However, the most paramount benefit of online learning is ultimately the quality of education. Today, the most prestigious international online schools have a razor-sharp focus on providing quality education to students. Cambridge Home School Online is considered one of the most trusted online schools in the UK. This is because we provide a quality Cambridge education to our students.

We have a team of MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers on board. We also use the prestigious Cambridge curriculum to help students cover greater academic ground and achieve stellar grades. Additionally, each student is equipped with 24/7 access to our online repository. They can access previous catch-up lessons, videos, PowerPoint presentations, past papers, study guides, activities, exercises, worksheets, and many other tools.

These three practices are common among the most esteemed online schools today. The e-learning model puts education first. Its focus on quality learning helps students perform exceptionally well on their exams and become high achievers.

2. Flexibility

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We’ve touched upon the quality of education at e-learning institutions. However, online schooling offers a lot more to students. Many students gravitate towards online learning owing to its ample flexibility.

Unlike most conventional schools, online schools don’t overwork students. Students don’t attend unnecessarily protracted lessons. Their classes are balanced, well-timed, and effective. Once their classes conclude for the day, students get ample time to explore their hobbies and interests, build new skills, socialise with their friends, develop new passions and pursuits, play sports, build their extracurricular portfolio, and so on.

The learning process isn’t just academic; it’s also personal, social, extracurricular, moral, and ethical. The e-learning model puts a lot of emphasis on holistic learning, i.e., learning in its totality. While students secure top grades, they also enjoy good mental health that stems from an active, healthy, and balanced personal and social life.

Flexibility helps students avoid academic stress, anxiety, and burnout. They perform well and enjoy themselves. This is the most robust and effective schooling approach in the long run. Students suffer in the long run if flexibility is taken out of the equation. The online schooling model prevents this from happening.

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3. Safety

Over the past decade, student safety has become a pressing issue in the UK. Many students have fallen victim to school bullying, harassment, peer pressure, abuse, ostracisation, cancel culture, and racial targeting. Minorities are especially targeted. Students who may have weaker social skills also find themselves on the receiving end of hate, bullying, taunts, and jeers.

The e-learning model enables students to attend school from the safety of their homes. Parents have been increasingly happy with this model as it also guarantees physical safety, in addition to emotional safety. Students aren’t at risk of contracting modern viruses. Additionally, their mental health is protected.

Online classes are a safe, supportive, and wholesome space. Students interact with like-minded, respectful, and accepting students who embrace each other’s differences instead of finding faults in their identity markers. At CHS Online, we go the extra mile to maintain a healthy online learning environment that makes every student feel accepted, loved, appreciated, respected, and important.

Students aren’t dismissed based on their religion, culture, race, ethnicity, and so on. By creating an inclusive and diverse environment, we help students feel like they belong. This measure also goes a long way in helping students become capable learners who develop a genuine interest in their studies.

4. No Restrictions

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Conventional schooling presents its fair share of obstacles. Students are limited by time and place. They must attend school at a specified location for a set number of hours. There’s no flexibility in this regard.

E-learning, on the contrary, does not present these restrictions. Students can attend classes from virtually anywhere in the world, as long as the time zone is similar to their peers’. This makes the learning process very convenient.

Before the term begins, parents and students meet with the institution’s teachers and education specialists. They select the right time. However, there’s no specified place. Parents are encouraged to set up a study station for their children at home. However, if you’re traveling, you can create a makeshift setup for the time being.

At CHS Online, our students often travel during the school year. This is a great opportunity for them to learn about different cultures, traditions, languages, people, customs, and lifestyles. Cosmopolitan growth is always encouraged! Since online schooling doesn’t have many restrictions, the learning process is more enjoyable and effective for students. They genuinely enjoy their lessons!

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FAQ Section

How Does the Quality of Online Education Compare to Conventional Schooling?

The quality of online education is highly competitive and in many cases, surpasses that of conventional schooling. Esteemed online schools like Cambridge Home School Online focus on delivering a high standard of education, employing qualified teachers and using respected curriculums.

Is Online Schooling Flexible for Students?

Yes, online schooling offers considerable flexibility, allowing students to balance their academics with hobbies, socialising, and other activities. Unlike conventional schools that might have a rigid schedule, online learning offers well-timed and effective classes.

What Measures Do Online Schools Take to Ensure Student Safety?

Online schools offer both physical and emotional safety. Students can attend classes from the comfort of their homes, which eliminates the risk of bullying, harassment, and other safety concerns prevalent in conventional schools.

Are There Location Restrictions for Attending Online School?

Online schooling removes geographical barriers, offering the freedom to attend classes from anywhere. This is especially convenient for families who travel, as the only requirement is a stable internet connection.

How Do Online Schools Support Holistic Development?

Online schools not only focus on academic success but also emphasise personal, social, and extracurricular development. The online schooling model offers a balanced routine, enabling students to explore different facets of their personalities and contributing to their mental health.