How to Polish Your Time Management Skills as an Online Student

Every student should have a strong focus on developing core soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and time management, among many others. This blog will focus on one of the most critical skills that’s frequently overlooked: time management.

Online students are required to manage their time exceptionally well. A wide range of tasks requires this skill: schedule management, homework completion, revision, and exam-taking, among several others. If students cannot complete these tasks on time, their academic growth may be affected.

While a few slip-ups are acceptable, a pattern of poor time management can result in academic inefficiency. Over time, students may a) struggle to participate in class as actively as they should, b) get poor grades, and c) fall behind.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through three ways to polish your time management skills as an online student. Continue reading, take notes, and feel free to ask us a question towards the end.

1. Avoid Multitasking

You may feel tempted to complete your homework and watch your favourite TV show simultaneously. A few minutes later, you may start working on the presentation you have to deliver next week. If you tackle all of these tasks (including one guilty pleasure) at the same time, you’ll fail to pay attention to each of them.

Avoid multitasking at all costs. In many cases, students combine big academic chores (e.g., revising for a test) with small responsibilities (e.g., emailing their teacher). At the end of the day, you’re still multitasking. Your productivity and efficiency levels will go down, which will affect your performance in school.

Complete each task separately. Once you’re done, take a small 5-minute break, and start the next task. Do the same for leisurely activities. Avoid working on an academic task while watching a movie or hanging out with your friends. Compartmentalise each task and give it the attention it deserves.

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2.Become a Pro Planner

a student creating a schedule

Planning is your golden ticket to managing your time exceptionally well. As you attend online classes, your schedule will get fairly hectic. Make sure you plan ahead so you can start and complete tasks on time.

Create a schedule. You can purchase a physical planner or use a digital version. Carefully update it on a regular basis.

Specify assignments (including drafts and final submissions), revision, pending activities, and other responsibilities, both academic and non-academic. Stick to the plan and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your time management capabilities.

3.Get Rid of Distractions

As humans, we’re prone to getting distracted. And that’s completely okay. Nobody can practice perfect self-control; that’s almost impossible. However, we can get rid of distractions to keep ourselves on track.

Make sure you rid your study station of any distractions that may prevent you from paying optimal attention in class. Similarly, eliminate any disturbances or diversions from your space as you start your homework or revise for the day.

No matter which academic task you’re tackling, you shouldn’t have any distractions around you. This includes your phone, tech gadgets, accessories, games, etc.

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What core soft skills should every student focus on?

Every student should concentrate on honing essential soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and notably, time management.

Why is time management crucial for online students?

Online students have various tasks to juggle, such as schedule management, homework, revision, and exam preparation. Effective time management is pivotal for academic growth, and failing to manage time can hinder their progress.

What are the consequences of poor time management?

Consistently poor time management can lead to academic inefficiency, which might result in less active participation in class, declining grades, and falling behind in studies.

What are some strategies to improve time management?

Three effective strategies include avoiding multitasking, becoming proficient in planning, and eliminating distractions. Focusing on one task at a time, meticulously planning your schedule, and getting rid of distractions can significantly improve your time management skills.

What resources are available at Cambridge Home School for time management?

Cambridge Home School offers various homeschooling programmes with MA/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers. These programmes are designed to help students develop both hard and soft skills, including time management. Programs are available for different age groups and regions.