How to Beat the Winter Studying Blues

a student attending online school at a local coffee shop

As the winter spell envelops the nation, our students couldn’t be more excited for the holidays! However, this excitement also carries an air of winter-induced lethargy and complacency. As the weather gets chilly, students start feeling a little languid and unenergetic.

Yes, the thought of curling up in bed with a mug of hot cocoa, a warm blanket draped over you, and a great movie playing on your laptop seems great—and you should indulge in this pleasure! However, this doesn’t mean that you start neglecting your studies.

At CHS Online, we’re strong proponents of a healthy school-life balance. As you indulge in wintertime pleasures, make sure you keep your academic life on track as well! In this blog, we’ll walk you through five effective ways to beat the winter studying blues. Let’s begin.

1. Study Outdoors

You may feel tempted to spend more time indoors. There’s nothing wrong with this, but make sure you don’t stay cooped up in your house all day. Get active! Sunshine is your best friend, especially as the weather gets chilly. Plan a group study session or set up your study station outside.

Make sure you consult your teachers and get their approval beforehand. It’s important to note that outdoor spaces can be a little noisy. You’ll have to choose a quiet, distraction-free spot in your backyard.

Set up your chair and desk, use an extension cord to set up your computer or laptop without any hassle, and you’re good to go! Opt for a covered area and make sure you’re bundled up. This is a great way to cut through the monotony, get some sunshine, and beat the winter studying blues.

2. Plan a Fun Activity with Your Friends

two students tightening their laces in the middle of ice skating

Academic growth is pivotal, but personal development and social enrichment are also imperative. Fight the winter studying blues by taking some time out to hang out with your friends.

Plan a fun activity like going to a local park, skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, visiting natural hot springs, stargazing, and so on. You have countless options; pick something that everyone in your friend group is excited about! Check parental approval off the list and you’re good to go.

A fun day-long activity or weekend getaway will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. When you get back home, you’ll return to your regular routine without feeling restless.

3. Explore a New Hobby, Interest, or Sport

Wintertime is a great time to explore a new hobby, interest, or sport. Try your hand at painting, crocheting, macramé, creative writing, photography, blogging, playing chess, volunteering, exercising, baking, learning a new language, meditation, playing an instrument, journaling, gymnastics, yoga, or anything else that excites you!

You can also try new sports like indoor football, squash, ice skating, badminton, tennis, snow shoeing, curling, ice boating, snow polo, and so on. This is an excellent way to keep yourself busy and enjoy a healthy extracurricular life.

These hobbies and sports shouldn’t distract you from studying. Instead, they should keep you active so you can jump right back into the swing of your academic life.

At CHS Online, we equip each student with access to our vast online eLibrary. Once you’re done with your classes for the day, explore new videos, PowerPoint presentations, books, worksheets, and other tools to challenge yourself academically and stay on top of things. If you have any questions, jot them down. As you present them in class the next day, you’ll prompt a healthy class discussion!

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4. Open Up to Your Teachers and Counsellors

a teacher guiding a student after an online class

Your teachers and counsellors are collectively the best resource that is provided to you. Make the most of their expertise, advice, and guidance. If you’re struggling to keep your studying routine on track, open up about your concerns to your teacher and/or counsellor.

At CHS Online, every student receives one-on-one success coaching and pastoral support from our counsellors. Use this time wisely. If there are any obstacles in your way, discuss them with your counsellors so they can guide you accordingly.

In some cases, students feel stuck when the weather changes from autumn to winter. This seasonal transition is marked by slowness. Students feel like they’re stuck in a rut. Fortunately, this feeling doesn’t last for long. Once you get the right help and advice, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy academic routine again.

5. Spend More Time with Your Friends and Family

Avoid staying in your bedroom for the bulk of the day. Instead, spend more time with your friends and family! It won’t hurt to express your concerns to them. As you spend more time with close friends and family, you’ll feel supported, encouraged, motivated, and reassured.

Make sure some of this time is academically productive. For example, discuss an upcoming project with your parents. If your cousin or older friend is great at a certain subject that you’re presently studying, discuss some topics and concepts with them. If you need help with your homework or revision, turn to a family member for help.

This is a great way to combine bonding with academic assistance. You’ll manage to gain some knowledge and spend valuable time with loved ones.

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How can I maintain a productive study routine during the winter holidays?

While it’s tempting to relax during the winter break, CHS Online recommends a balanced approach that includes leisure and study. They suggest spending time outdoors for study sessions, as sunlight can be uplifting. You can also use this period to explore new hobbies, activities, or sports to stay engaged and motivated.

Can socialising with friends be a part of my winter study plan?

Absolutely, CHS Online encourages spending quality time with friends as it is essential for personal and social growth. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, or just hanging out, it’s a good way to refresh yourself. Just ensure that you have parental approval before going on any adventures.

What resources does CHS Online offer for academic support?

CHS Online has an extensive online eLibrary featuring a variety of educational tools including videos, books, and worksheets. Students can explore these resources to supplement their learning and prepare for upcoming lessons. It’s also a good platform to pose questions that can spark discussions in the next class.

Who can help me if I’m struggling to keep up with my studies during winter?

CHS Online provides one-on-one success coaching and pastoral support from their teachers and counsellors. If you’re having difficulties maintaining your study schedule, don’t hesitate to reach out to them for guidance and expert advice.

Is CHS Online a viable option if I’m considering switching from conventional to online schooling?

Yes, Cambridge Home School Online (CHS Online) has over 20 years of experience in providing quality Cambridge online education. They offer a range of homeschooling programs for various age groups, focusing on academic excellence, personal growth, and social development.