How Homeschooling at Online School Can Help Children With Anxiety

Homeschooling at Online School Can Help Children With Anxiety

How Homeschooling at Online School Can Help Children With Anxiety

More children than ever before are suffering from anxiety and mental health disorders and this can put them at a severe disadvantage in the UK’s school system. While many children suffer from occasional shyness when presented with a new situation, some young people suffer from overwhelming and persistent fear when in social situations, including in the classroom.

This can result in a host of problems that can negatively impact on a child’s academic attainment.

Children and adolescents with anxiety disorders struggle to focus and experience a fear of attending school. They may also experience other physical symptoms associated with their condition including rapid breathing, restlessness, stomach aches and headaches. If your child is a sufferer, it may be very distressing to have to send them to school every day knowing how much they are struggling.

Luckily, online schooling from home presents an excellent alternative education provision.

How Does Online Schooling Help Anxious Children?

Online schools benefit children suffering from anxiety in several ways. Children can make progress at their own pace, learning in an environment that is free from any distractions or problematic behaviour. While virtual classrooms give anxious youngsters social interaction, which is essential, even for children with anxiety, the experience is considerably less stressful than in-person teaching.

As class sizes are also considerably smaller, anxious students can benefit from more one-on-one contact with their teacher, building up their confidence and helping them to catch up with anything that they have missed in their school.

Can I Just Home School My Child?

Some parents wonder whether taking their child out of their school and teaching them themselves at home is the answer when they suffer from anxiety. While this may work for the youngest children, it becomes considerably more problematic when dealing with older children. Parents rarely have the knowledge or skill to teach all subjects at GCSE or A-Level.

Enrolment at an online school ensures that young people who are working towards their major exams can benefit from outstanding teaching from skilled and qualified professionals so that they can receive internationally recognised British qualifications that stand them in good stead to achieve their future goals.

Fitting Learning Around Treatment

If your child suffers from severe anxiety they may need professional treatment and therapy. While undergoing this treatment process, children must be in a supportive and safe environment where they can focus on recovery. They must, however, also continue studying so that they don’t miss out on vital education time.

Online schooling fits seamlessly around treatment so that pupils receiving help for their anxiety can continue to learn, work towards their qualifications and make progress so that they can seamlessly return to conventional education in the future should they wish to do so.

Choosing An Online School

If you’re wondering how to choose an online school for your anxious child, contact Cambridge Home School Online today to find out more about how our well-respected and long-established online school can benefit your son or daughter.


How does online schooling cater to children with anxiety?

Online schooling provides a less stressful learning environment for children suffering from anxiety. They can learn at their own pace without distractions and enjoy smaller class sizes, allowing for more individualised attention from teachers.

Is homeschooling a viable option for children with anxiety?

While homeschooling can work for younger children, it becomes increasingly challenging for parents to adequately teach all subjects at GCSE or A-Level. Online schools offer professional, high-quality teaching that prepares students for internationally recognised qualifications.

Can anxious children engage in social interaction through online schooling?

Yes, online schooling offers virtual classrooms that facilitate social interaction among students. This social element is crucial, even for children with anxiety, but is presented in a less stressful format compared to traditional in-person schooling.

What happens if a child with anxiety needs professional treatment?

Online schooling can fit around a child’s treatment schedule, providing a supportive and safe environment for both recovery and education. This flexibility allows children to continue progressing academically without missing vital education time.

How do I select an appropriate online school for a child with anxiety?

When choosing an online school for your anxious child, look for long-established and well-respected institutions like Cambridge Home School Online, which can offer professional teaching and a curriculum that suits your child’s needs.