Homeschooling Abroad For Ages 8 to 18: 5 Key Benefits Of An Online British Education

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Homeschooling Abroad For Ages 8 to 18: 5 Key Benefits Of An Online British Education

Moving abroad with children raises several concerns for parents, but what to do about their education remains a top priority. Homeschooling is a popular choice among parents who relocate overseas with their families but managing lesson planning and delivery can prove difficult for parents with limited experience and subject knowledge, especially for older children at Secondary school level.

It isn’t too surprising, then, that a British education online is rapidly becoming the most popular alternative education provision for homeschooling parents outside the UK. Here are the three key benefits that online schooling can offer.

1. Safe Face To Face Interaction With Teachers and Peers

One problem associated with homeschooling is a lack of social contact for children. Online schooling eliminates this issue with a virtual classroom in which pupils can see and interact face-to-face with their teacher and their peers. Students can collaborate on projects, discuss topics and ask and answer questions just as they would in a physical classroom. Online classrooms are much easier to manage, particularly in the best online schools where class sizes are small. In such small managed online classrooms bullying and intimidation is eliminated.

This is especially important for young people who are living abroad and who may have limited social interaction with other English-speaking children.

2. Highly Qualified Teaching Staff

While parents often do an admirable job when homeschooling their children, they cannot plan or deliver lessons with the same level of expertise as a qualified professional with years of experience in the field across all subjects. This is doubly true when students are studying for British qualifications such as the iGCSE or International A-Level where in-depth subject knowledge is required.

Because they are not limited to the staff that live one car journey away online schools can attract the highest qualified teachers. The teaching staff employed by top online schools are experts in their specialist subjects and are highly experienced in planning and delivering informative and engaging lessons that allow students to fully maximise their learning potential.

3. Studying For Internationally Recognised Qualifications

While homeschooling by parents may be a suitable solution for the youngest children, once they reach their teenage years it becomes necessary to start studying for qualifications to further their career goals. This is where parents often begin to flounder as they realise they are uncertain how to enrol their child for examinations.

When your child is enrolled at an online school, all of the hard work is done on the parent’s behalf. Children study towards internationally recognised British qualifications that will stand them in good stead to enter the top university of their choice anywhere in the world or to pursue their dream career.

4. Top teachers and top tech is a winning combination

The best online schools offer state of the art online classrooms which allow classes to be video-recorded. These video-recorded lessons can be archived and particular topics can be searched and reviewed by pupils. Such technology offers online pupils a powerful advantage over the traditional, often dull textbook. With a single click, pupils can listen and watch as their teacher explains the topic as many times as necessary ensuring all pupils go into examinations fully confident and prepared.

5. Online pupils are more valued by top universities

Top universities value independent learners. Many top universities find that pupils that have studied at conventional schools expect to be told what to do rather than finding things out independently. Top universities find that homeschooled pupils tend to be more confident and independent learners. Such maturity often results in a far lower dropout rate and higher final grades, both of which are extremely important to the reputation of top universities. Independent learners are also favoured by top employers who need leaders who can think for themselves and make decisions without always having to wait for a response from others.

Choosing The Right Online School For Your Child

The Cambridge Home School Online has been in operation for almost twenty years and is well-respected for the quality of teaching we provide to our students of all ages from Key Stage 2 to A-Level. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your child to excel academically, taking advantage of all the benefits of a UK education online.


What are the social benefits of online British education for children living abroad?

Online British education offers the advantage of face-to-face interaction in a virtual classroom, providing children a platform to engage with peers and teachers. This helps in eliminating the social isolation often associated with homeschooling, particularly for children residing abroad and having limited contact with English-speaking peers.

How does the quality of teaching in online British schools compare to homeschooling?

Online British schools often employ highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. These professionals offer expertise across various subjects, including preparation for British qualifications like iGCSEs or International A-Levels, which may be challenging for parents to deliver at the same level of quality.

Can my child gain internationally recognised qualifications through online British education?

Yes, online British education facilitates studying towards qualifications that are recognised globally. These qualifications can help your child gain admission to top universities worldwide or pursue their career aspirations.

What technological benefits do online British schools offer?

Top online British schools often use state-of-the-art technology that includes video-recorded lessons. These recorded sessions allow students to revisit topics as needed, offering an advantage over traditional textbook methods.

Are online pupils more valued by top universities?

According to some observations, top universities often find online pupils to be more confident and independent learners. This quality is highly valued, as it results in lower dropout rates and higher final grades, contributing positively to the reputation of these institutions.