5 Reasons To Study British Qualifications Online From Europe

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5 Reasons To Study British Qualifications Online From Europe

British students living in Europe can still benefit from studying for British qualifications no matter in which country they are based. Although different countries around Europe have their own national qualifications, it’s true to say that British qualifications are the most recognised and highly respected around the world.

So, why should children study for exams like the international A-Level and iGCSE online from Europe? Read on to discover the top five reasons.

1.  International Recognition Of Qualifications

Both iGCSEs and International A Levels can be studied by students worldwide in British online schools. These qualifications are internationally recognised by top universities since they are well-respected, accredited, and simpler for institutions to understand than different countries’ own exams.

As a result, students can apply more easily to international higher education institutions and they will also be more attractive to employers in the future.

2. A Wide Variety Of Interesting Subjects

When young people study British qualifications at an online school they have a wide variety of interesting and exciting subjects to choose from. At Cambridge Home School Online there is a broad spectrum of iGCSEs and International A Levels for students to pick from across core subjects like Maths and Sciences, Arts, Humanities, and Languages so there is sure to be something to satisfy every student’s preferences.

3. Outstanding Quality Of Teaching

When studying British qualifications at an online school, students can benefit from outstanding teaching from highly qualified and experienced professionals who are specialists in the subjects that they deliver. Taking a personalised approach to teaching, these skilled teachers will work closely with each student to determine their needs so that they can achieve as highly as possible.

4. Flexible Lesson Delivery

Older students can benefit from the flexible approach that online schools offer to education. All lessons are recorded as well as held live, so students can easily catch up on anything that they have missed or use the recordings as useful revision practice for examinations. A-Level students especially can benefit from the greater independence that online schooling offers as they prepare to enter universities or the world of employment.

5. A Familiar Approach

When young people study for British qualifications at an online school they can benefit from familiar subjects and a recognisable teaching style. This is a great advantage when compared to the variations in lesson delivery and curriculum that can be found in international schools or state schools abroad.

Choosing An Online School At Which To Study British Qualifications

Cambridge Home School Online is a highly-respected and long-established online school that has built up an impressive reputation since its launch in 2002 thanks to the quality of teaching that our staff deliver and the outstanding results our iGCSE and International A Level students achieve. Contact us today to find out more about how a British education online with us can benefit your son or daughter while living overseas.