Everything You Need to Know About Cambridge Home School Online’s New Lecture Series


a student attending a lecture at CHS Online

At Cambridge Home School Online, we’re committed to providing our students with a quality online schooling experience. From introducing a new eLibrary to continually tweaking our curriculum to recruiting the best teachers in the UK, we’re always raising the bar to ensure that our students a) secure top grades, b) enjoy a healthy personal and social life, c) explore varied extracurricular interests, d) enjoy good mental health, and e) attend a prestigious university like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and the like.

We check every box off the list to secure a stable, successful, and exciting future for our students. Earlier this year, we introduced a brand new lecture series. Each week, we hand over the reins to a successful, insightful professional who covers an important topic. From teachers to entrepreneurs to architects to biologists to authors to scientists, some of the most notable personalities take the stage to motivate, empower, and inspire students.

Our new series helps students develop important skills, think critically, and become well-rounded individuals. This blog will offer a closer look at our lecture series. Keep reading!

1. Where Can I Find It?

Our lecture series is available on YouTube with the rest of our videos. For your convenience, we’ve attached our first two lectures with their introductions below.

Cambridge Lecture Series: Meet Matt Dickinson (Introduction)

Cambridge Lecture Series: Complete Episode 1 with Matt Dickinson

Cambridge Lecture Series: Meet Mrs. Trafford

Cambridge Lecture Series: Complete Episode 2 with Mrs. Trafford

Our students access the lectures live at school. However, if you’re a prospective student or parent, feel free to review each episode on YouTube.

We also encourage students and parents to share their thoughts in the comments section. What did you learn from the lecture? Were there certain concepts you found fascinating? What are your thoughts on the episode?

We’d love to hear from you and start a healthy discussion that takes us in an exciting new direction.

2. Who Are the Guests?

Each week, we select a prolific personality. For the first episode, we chose award-winning filmmaker and writer Matt Dickinson. Known for his documentary work for National Geographic Television, Discovery Channel, and the BBC, Dickinson is celebrated across the globe. He was also one of the climbers caught in the Mount Everest disaster. His lecture was titled “Surviving the Death Zone”.

This was followed by our new Assistant Headteacher Maria Trafford’s invigorating lecture titled “How to be Smart”. Both lecturers brought exciting new ideas to the table. Mr. Dickinson discussed the importance of resilience and helped students develop this invaluable skill. Mrs. Trafford conceptualised smartness and discussed the different metrics that make us smart.

Moving forward, we’re excited to invite more writers, teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, physicians, engineers, lawyers, architects, analysts, policymakers, motivational speakers, mental health specialists, and other professionals. We want to equip our students with nuanced insights, new skills, and a deeper set of knowledge.

3. Can I Recommend Guests?

a renowned artist delivering an online lecture

Absolutely! We’re accepting recommendations from everyone: enrolled students, prospective students, and parents. If you’re a student at CHS Online, simply share your recommendation with your teacher. If you’re not enrolled at CHS, call or email us.

Once you share your suggestion, our MA/MSc/PhD teachers and education specialists will take a closer look at the suggested individual’s experience, expertise, qualifications, contributions, and achievements. If we believe they can deliver an excellent lecture, we’d be happy to have them on board!

4. Who Should Watch the Series?

Our lecture series is suitable for students of all ages and parents. If you cannot attend the live lecture at school, we recommend watching the series with your parents. You can have a healthy discussion following the lecture. At CHS Online, our students watch the series with their teachers and peers.

5. What’s in Store?

a surgeon preparing for an online lecture to A Level Biology students

There’s a lot more in store! As we shortlist new personalities and finalise new lecture ideas, we’re excited to bring engaging lectures to the table. This is an ongoing series. At CHS Online, we always put quality first.

Our goal is to invite well-rounded speakers who can guide our students. As we continue to do this, we look forward to watching our students develop new ideas and grow as individuals.

If you’re a student enrolled at CHS Online and believe your parent/family member would deliver a great lecture, please don’t hesitate to send your recommendation. We wish to make our lecture series as robust, effective, and fruitful as possible. Thank you for trusting us!

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