Best Alternatives To Mainstream Schools In The UK? 3 Big Reasons More Parents Are Preferring Online Schooling For Their Children

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Best Alternatives To Mainstream Schools In The UK? 3 Big Reasons More Parents Are Preferring Online Schooling For Their Children

It has recently been reported that more parents in the UK than ever before are opting to home school their children. It isn’t too difficult to understand why this is becoming a popular choice. Parents want their child to benefit from top quality schooling and, unfortunately, many educational establishments in the UK fail to come up to scratch. 

With 30 children in a class, some children get left behind in the state system, while in some areas finding a school that has achieved a good or outstanding OFSTED rating can prove to be a challenge.

Whether you’re seeking alternative education provision for your primary-aged child, or whether your son or daughter is studying for higher British qualifications such as A-Levels, finding high-quality homeschooling resources in the UK can present difficulties for busy parents. This is why many are now looking for the best homeschooling programs the UK can offer, and an increasing number are starting to recognise the many benefits that come by offering their child a British education online. 

So, what exactly are the benefits of enrolling your child in an online school rather than remaining in the mainstream system?

1. No Classroom Distractions

One of the top reasons that more parents are turning to online schooling is the lack of classroom distractions. Unfortunately, typical British mainstream schools have large class sizes and accept children from a range of backgrounds and with all abilities. This often leads to distractions as some children will inevitably display behaviour issues that take up an excessive amount of the teacher’s attention and time. 

When children struggle to hear their teacher or have frequent pauses in lessons as their teacher deals with poorly behaving pupils, they cannot fully access the curriculum or gain maximum advantage from their education. 

 Online schooling eliminates the problem of classroom distractions. With no behaviour issues for teachers to address, each pupil can enjoy a disruption-free education that allows them to fully engage with their learning and to get as much as possible out of every lesson.

2. Outstanding Teaching Across The Curriculum

Teacher recruitment and retention remains a problem in many British schools, especially at secondary level. This means that children in the mainstream system may end up being taught by someone who is not a specialist in their subject, or who has limited experience in the classroom. As a result, children can receive a sub-standard education which could have a negative impact on their grades and future opportunities. 

Education at an online school eliminates this problem. All of the teachers at Cambridge Home School Online are extremely qualified, highly experienced and are specialists in their subjects, so parents can enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing their child is benefiting from outstanding teaching across the curriculum.

3. More One-To-One Time

With around 30 children in each class in mainstream schools, teachers have limited time available to spend with each individual, and this can result in problems for children who could benefit from more nurturing and one-to-one support. 

When parents enrol their child in an online school, they can be confident that they will benefit from much smaller class sizes which allow teachers to spend considerably more time working individually with each pupil. As a result, a more personalised approach to learning can be taken to suit each child’s unique needs.

Experiencing The Benefits Of A UK Education Online

If you are looking for a better solution than mainstream education in the UK for your son or daughter, a British education online from a high-quality provider such as Cambridge Home School Online is the ideal solution. 

Offering an outstanding standard of education from Key Stage 2 up to A-Level, our pupils benefit from the experience and expertise of our teachers and small class sizes that ensure optimal one-on-one teaching time. Contact us today to learn more. 


Why are parents in the UK increasingly opting for online schooling?

Many parents are finding that mainstream schools in the UK often don’t meet their expectations for high-quality education. Problems like large class sizes, distractions, and variable teaching standards are leading parents to seek out alternative, online schooling options for their children.

What are the advantages of an online education over a mainstream school environment?

In an online education setting, the absence of classroom distractions allows children to focus better on their studies. Additionally, online schools typically employ highly qualified teachers who are specialists in their subjects, thereby ensuring an excellent standard of teaching.

How do online schools deal with classroom distractions?

Online schools like Cambridge Home School Online offer a disruption-free education, enabling children to fully engage with the curriculum. Without behavioural issues to address, teachers can focus solely on delivering high-quality lessons.

Does online schooling offer personalized learning experiences?

Yes, online schools tend to have smaller class sizes, which allows for more one-to-one interaction between teachers and students. This personalized approach better caters to the unique learning needs of each child.

How does online schooling impact teaching quality?

In online schools, teacher recruitment and retention are less of an issue. Teachers are usually highly qualified and experienced specialists in their respective subjects. This translates to an outstanding educational experience for the child, potentially enhancing their future opportunities.