A Day In The Life Of An Online Teacher In A British Online School

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A Day In The Life Of An Online Teacher In A British Online School

For teachers at Cambridge Home School Online, every day presents new challenges and new joys. From helping a struggling student to grasp a new concept to seeing that the whole class has received outstanding test results, the job is a unique but wonderful one. 

Of course, many people are confused by the role of an online teacher. Many people don’t even know that online schools exist. However, for families who are moving abroad with children, for military families and for UK parents who are seeking an easier and better way to access the British homeschool curriculum, online schools can provide an essential lifeline and the ideal alternative education provision. 

So, what do online teachers do on a day-to-day basis? Read on to learn more.

Preparing For The Day To Begin

Before the teaching day even begins, the teachers at Cambridge Home School Online make sure that they’ve prepared fully for their lessons. They check up on any direct messages from students or parents and send speedy responses and make sure that all lesson resources are in place ready for teaching to begin. 

Depending on the teacher and the subject, this could involve loading up a PowerPoint to the online classroom, doing some research about a specific topic, or preparing some questions for an impromptu test on the subject material being covered.

Taking A Class

At a designated time, the class will begin. The teacher logs into the classroom and the students also log in to begin the session. All of the students can see any work that has been uploaded and they can also see and interact with their teacher who will take them through activities, engage in interactive learning and present tasks to be completed. 

Many students will participate via video link so that they too can be seen during the class and interact visually with their teacher. 

After Lessons

Each lesson is recorded and then posted to the website at the end of the session so anybody who missed the class will be able to catch up at a later date or use it for revision purposes. As the class sizes are small, teachers can spend time working on a one-to-one level with each student and can determine who is coping well and who is struggling. This information will be noted down for reference so that any individual shortcomings can be addressed in future sessions. 

All lessons and resources are also uploaded to the website for students to access whenever they feel the need. Sometimes, there is homework that needs to be marked and messages to be responded too before preparing lessons for classes the following day.

The Benefits Of A British Education Online

For young people of all ages from Key Stage 2 up to A-Level, online schooling can offer a host of benefits. Not only can children take advantage of the structure that an online school provides in their homeschooled day, but they can also experience teaching from some of the most qualified and experienced professionals in the education industry. Thanks to small class sizes and plenty of one-to-one contact, young people can thrive and excel, giving them the best possible academic start in life.