A Closer Look at Cambridge Home School Online’s Booster Classes

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Children all over the world look forward to holidays to break away from monotonous school routines. They can take a breather from school assignments and homework and play outside to their heart’s content.

While this break from continuously straining education is necessary for students of all ages, having too long out of learning can be detrimental to their development. Results from research with standardised test scores accumulated over a century revealed students get lower scores at the end of the summer break compared to the scores they got before the break.

Several studies are unanimous in concluding that long breaks have a negative overall impact on the learning process of reading and mathematical skills. Long breaks from school, therefore, can result in the child forgetting what they’ve learned, especially if they don’t revisit the lesson over the holidays.

Unfortunately, there are no summer breaks for working and stay-at-home parents, which is why fitting extra teaching time into their busy work schedules can feel impossible. Online booster classes by international online schools like Cambridge Home School Online can be a useful resource for parents struggling to find a balance between work and family life.

To Enrol or Not to Enrol?

While quality online school programs are important, they’re not enough. Online booster classes over the holidays can be great alternatives to expensive private tutoring sessions. Children can develop soft skills, learn to communicate, and grow simultaneously—all while staying out of trouble!

The sustained learning process used by our MA/MSc/Ph.D. qualified educators ensures students don’t break out of the habit of consistent learning, forget concepts, or fall into the procrastination trap.

However, since no child should feel like they are studying even during the holidays, our subject specialists combine the learning with fun activities to make each session enjoyable for all. Expect group exercises, fun presentations, competitive games, exciting activities, and memorable excursions to help students build strong connections and even stronger academic skills.

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Our empathic teachers use a mix of audio-visual technology to make the lessons exciting, fun, engaging, and retentive for children of all ages.

Our extensive eLibrary is regularly updated with entertaining and informative books, videos, and recorded lectures that can be revisited at any time that works best for you and your child.

Our educators tailor sessions to meet the learning styles of all students. The goal is to build various hard and soft skills in them, such as empathy, responsibility, leadership, time management, teamwork, organisation, and conflict resolution, among others.

Stellar Grades Aren’t Optional—Now Is the Time to Work Hard

A study found that young children, especially in the UK, can be very lazy and are least likely to complete their homework or help around the house. While parents can prevent their children from becoming lazy in various ways, online booster classes over the holidays can motivate them to remain active in an environment with lots of growth opportunities.

Cambridge Home School Online offers online booster classes distributed across four stages to cover students of all ages. Prep booster classes and lower school booster classes are targeted at children aged 7 to 13. Meanwhile, IGSCE and A-Level booster classes are beneficial for students aged 14 to 19.

Our highly qualified subject specialists employ a wide range of engaging, stimulating, and exciting activities to help students attain top grades that prestigious universities and employers expect from potential candidates.

We help children address various weaknesses in these personalised sessions to ensure they can excel in their academics. The low student-teacher ratio, with just under ten pupils per group, helps us provide the individualised attention required to meet the envisioned goals for each student. Once our educators understand the ins and outs of the learning pace and personality of each student, the program is restructured accordingly to meet their progress.

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Underachievers Can Excel Too

If a child can do well but lacks the tools and motivation to succeed academically, we can help investigate the underlying problem when you enrol them in our online booster classes.

Lack of parental support, too low or too high expectations, fear of failure, and inappropriate learning material or teaching style can be some reasons your child is underachieving in school. Lack of healthy habits and basic skills can also be a problem that can be easily addressed by our certified educators.

If you think a lack of resources, such as financial issues at home, is the reason, online British school is your best bet. Reduced costs of uniforms, transportation, and snack preps can be great for your savings, and you’re your child’s future. At CHS Online, we offer some of the best online schooling programs for those looking for inexpensive homeschooling options for the IGCSE.

Our online booster classes are also a great way for students who are seeking support solely for one or two subjects. We use multiple resources to create a healthy and engaging learning environment to motivate students to resolve issues and complete work on time.

Research proves that booster classes help improve learning performance and prepare students for excellence in tests, professional life, and beyond. In the preceding years, nearly 86% of the IGCSE students at our online international school scored top grades that met the requirements of all prestigious universities worldwide.

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Open For All

The online booster classes at our international online school are designed to nurture a deeper understanding for children who lack confidence. We aspire to cultivate an inclusive and holistic learning environment that allows children to flourish without any pressure. Our teachers ensure a child has a firm understanding of the basics before challenging them to extend their knowledge and capabilities.

These sessions are open to all—regardless of whether your child is enrolled in Cambridge Home School Online or any other institution. Children in the UK, the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, and other regions can experience the CHS Online difference conveniently.

We recommend reaching out to our representatives to discuss whether the transition to online homeschooling or enrolling your child in our academic booster sessions is right for them.

Most parents witness a change in their child’s attitude toward studies and grades within a short time when they make rapid progress in a relaxed and supportive environment. We equip each student with the non-academic and educational tools they need to become well-rounded, responsible, creative, talented, and eager learners.

You can register your child in our online booster classes or ensure a seat for your child in one of the best online homeschooling programs in the UK by submitting an early application. Our competitive homeschooling programs include Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs, and AS & A-Levels.

If you have any additional questions, please send an email. Our representatives will get back to you with all the information you need regarding the important term dates, free structure, bursaries and scholarships, and the admission process at our top online school.

If you need more convincing to back your decision to switch your child to a top online British school, you can read our reviews to learn how we empower students of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to help them actualise their potential.


What impact do long breaks from school have on children’s learning?

Long breaks from formal education can result in negative effects on a child’s academic progress. Research indicates that students tend to score lower on standardised tests after summer breaks, showing a decline in reading and mathematical skills.

What are online booster classes and who are they aimed at?

Online booster classes are supplemental educational sessions provided by online schools such as Cambridge Home School Online. These classes are designed for children aged 7 to 19 and aim to enhance both academic and soft skills during holidays.

How do online booster classes benefit working parents?

For parents who have work commitments and struggle to find extra time for their children’s education, online booster classes can be a valuable resource. These classes offer a flexible and convenient learning solution that can fit into busy work and family schedules.

What teaching methods do your online educators use?

Our qualified educators employ a blend of audio-visual technology and interactive activities to make learning engaging and enjoyable. They tailor sessions according to the students’ learning styles and needs, incorporating games, group exercises, and other fun activities.

Can underachievers benefit from online booster classes?

Yes, online booster classes can provide individualised attention to students who are underachieving due to various factors like lack of motivation, inappropriate learning material, or lack of parental support. These classes aim to identify the underlying issues and offer targeted support to improve academic performance.