6 Benefits Of Independent Online Secondary School

6 Benefits Of Independent Online Secondary School

Every year, more and more students and parents consider choosing an independent online secondary school over a traditional secondary school education. When you compare the benefits that an independent online secondary school education offers to that of a conventional brick-and-mortar school, it is easy to see why.

If you are one of those parents considering online school vs traditional public school, there are several important benefits you know. Let’s take a closer look at some of them now:

6 Benefits Of Independent Online Secondary School

Can Save Money- while a private education does cost more than a traditional public school education, it can also save you money in other areas. Independent online secondary school eliminates many of the expenses related to a traditional brick-and-mortar school including transportation, parking and school lunches.

Places The Focus On Education, Not Standardised Testing- traditional schools have begun focusing on standardised test scores and teaching students as curriculum based on those scores. This is to ensure the school receives the funding it needs for the next calendar year. An independent online secondary school places that focus on education and on teaching children the information they need to excel at university as well as in life.

More Personalised Learning- independent online secondary schools offer a more personalised learning experience for students. This is achieved through smaller class sizes and individualised learning options that most traditional schools simply don’t offer. Students can learn at their own pace, in their own way, reaching their fullest potential.

Top Instructors- many of the UK’s leading independent online secondary schools often have the ability to hire instructors who are leaders in their academic fields and this can lead to a much more effective course of study and increased test results. Better instructors means that students will be better prepared for university. Instructors are easily accessible to parents and parents typically receive more frequent progress reports each session.

Suitable For Busy Lifestyles- a traditional classroom setting is very rigid and doesn’t offer the flexible scheduling that online secondary schools do. An online education is ideal for families who travel frequently, students pursuing a career in the arts, gifted students or religious students.

Eliminates Distractions Associated With Traditional Brick-And-Mortar Schools- online secondary schools help relieve many of the distractions found in traditional schools including social drama, bullying and peer pressure.

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FAQ Section

Does choosing an independent online secondary school save money compared to a traditional public school?

Yes, while private education can have higher tuition fees, independent online secondary schools can save you money in other areas like transportation, parking, and school lunches.

How does an independent online secondary school differ in its approach to education compared to traditional schools?

Independent online secondary schools prioritize education over standardized testing. They focus on teaching students the knowledge they need for university and life rather than tailoring the curriculum solely to standardized test scores.

What is the advantage of personalized learning in independent online secondary schools?

Independent online secondary schools offer more personalized learning experiences with smaller class sizes and individualized learning options. This flexibility allows students to learn at their own pace and reach their fullest potential.

Why are top instructors an important benefit of independent online secondary schools?

Leading independent online secondary schools often employ instructors who are experts in their academic fields, resulting in a more effective course of study and better-prepared students for university. Instructors are also easily accessible to parents, and progress reports are typically more frequent.

Who is the ideal candidate for an independent online secondary school education?

Independent online secondary schools are suitable for families with busy lifestyles, frequent travelers, students pursuing arts or gifted programs, and those seeking a religious education. The flexible scheduling caters to various needs.

How do independent online secondary schools address distractions compared to traditional brick-and-mortar schools?

Independent online secondary schools eliminate many distractions commonly found in traditional schools, such as social drama, bullying, and peer pressure, providing a more focused learning environment.